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Friday, January 22, 2010

Goldman Sachs Capital PartnersImage via Wikipedia
Goldman Sachs waits for fallout from attack on banks
Times OnlineAnalysts Cut Goldman Estimates On Trading, Tax Concerns
Wall Street Journal
Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), Citigroup (NYSE:C), Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) and ... 
Meredith Whitney Predicts Obama Bank Plan Will Pass
By Anon
How Goldman Sachs could profit from Obama's Wall Street ...
Barney Franks finally going after Goldman Sachs & Friends, and we ...
By Jon Pessah
Goldman Sachs' Easy Money Days Are Over | Daily Markets
By Larry Doyle 
Financial News: Bankers Count Cost Of Obama's Bank Plan
Wall Street Journal
The Volckerization of Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs Had Bomb-Sniffing Dogs, Police Barricades At Its Headquarters ...
Huffington Post (blog)  GS666 Editor's Note:  You gotta be kidding.
Obama Bank Plan Overshadows Goldman Call
New York Times (blog)
Could Goldman Sachs with one bound be free? | John Gapper's ...
By John Gapper 
How Will Goldman Sachs Bankers Get By with a Mere $16.2 Billion in ...
By John Cook
Goldman Sachs: 'What Recession?' « NotionsCapital
Anorak News » Blog Archive » Goldman Sachs Staff Paid In Baby ...
By Anorak 
Limiting bank investments that don't benefit customers
Washington Post
Is what's bad for Goldman Sachs bad for America?
Los Angeles Times  GS666 Editor's Note:  What's bad for them is good for America.
Private Equity Cos Awaiting Specifics On Obama's Bank Proposal
Wall Street Journal
Business Highlights
ABC News
Goldman Sachs' restraint on rewards is too little, too late
Financial Times
Goldman Sachs: Lifestyles of the Subsidized and Anonymous ...
By John Cook 
Goldman Beat Can't Save Street
Goldman Will Benefit From Obama's Proposal, Bove Says
Obama Sizes Handcuffs For Banks
Buffett: Big Banks Likely To Split Under New Rules -Fox Business
How Obama's New Wall Street Proposals Will Punish Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley, Choose Your Shark
Everything PR

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