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According to the Collins English Dictionary 10th Edition fraud can be defined as: "deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage".[1] In the broadest sense, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent. The specific legal definition varies by legal jurisdiction. Fraud is a crime, and also a civil law violation. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud, but there have also been fraudulent "discoveries", e.g. in science, to gain prestige rather than immediate monetary gain
*As defined in Wikipedia


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This site, as well as our other 666 sites are operated by volunteers. 

Volunteers are needed in the following areas.

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All we ask of volunteers is to fulfill what ever commitment you make.  We understand that your participation is on a time available basis so please only volunteer for duties or functions that you can allocate the time for.

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Thank you for your consideration to volunteer with us.

Larry Rubinoff

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Need volunteers for the two sites above.  
The BarackObama666 site is more open then our other two.  BarackObama is not just about what's wrong with his Presidency, it is about what is wrong with our country, The Federal Reserve, Congress and the too many regulatory agencies we now have - specifically Homeland Security.  

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