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According to the Collins English Dictionary 10th Edition fraud can be defined as: "deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage".[1] In the broadest sense, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent. The specific legal definition varies by legal jurisdiction. Fraud is a crime, and also a civil law violation. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud, but there have also been fraudulent "discoveries", e.g. in science, to gain prestige rather than immediate monetary gain
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

AIG and Goldman Sachs - Scandal, Scheme, Fraud, RICO or ALL

NOTE: When I read this piece on Market Watch, I asked myself why the SEC, FDIC, FBI, CIA, MI6, DGSE and Secret Service haven't done a thing to uncover the stinky-stink at Goldman Sachs and how it has placed their stinky-stink in just about every country on the planet. It's like a science fiction movie with the Evil Genius planting a timed virus throughout the world.

Government Sachs Is In Control
Commentary: Investment bank has strengthened its position through bailout by David Weidner on Market Watch

Lloyd Blankfein must be the luckiest guy on Wall Street. He leads one of the Street's biggest bailed-out firms, but unlike other companies propped up by taxpayers . . .

. . .

Since the fall of Bear Stearns Cos. a little more than a year ago, Goldman has taken more than $20 billion in taxpayer cash through loans, payments and backstops. Goldman's latest bailout coup was a $12.5 billion paid out of AIG's $180 billion government cash infusion.

Until it was fully extricated, Goldman always characterized its exposure to AIG as "immaterial," and that its $20 billion notional exposure to AIG was hedged. Turns out that it was -- through government bailouts that didn't exist when Goldman entered the contracts.

. . .

Even former New York Luv Guv Eliot Spitzer told journalist Fareed Zakaria on Sunday that he thinks something smells.

"The web between AIG and Goldman Sachs is something that should be pursued," Spitzer said. "Why did [those payments] happen, what questions were asked, why did we need to pay 100 cents on the dollar for those transactions if we had to pay anything, what would have happened to the financial system had it not been paid?"

Read the full article - Click Here


Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but in the spirit of Goldman's sneaky style, here's a link to a NYT article about their newish 43 floor tower headquarters, which they call only 200 West Street and decline to put their name on. Even the articles headline calls it sneaky.
Falling steel beams killed one of the architects during construction. True to their character, GS spreads pain any way you cut it.

Anonymous said...

Liar's Poker summed it up -- Goldman runs wall street. And wall street runs the country.

Your plight has garnered the attention of the social news networks. It's the #1 link at as I type this. Know that you have supporters -- in the thousands and potentially millions more.

I'll be referring this issue to my contact at the ACLU and asking them to contact the NY-ACLU to argue on your behalf. _Please_ do not cave in to the frivolous lawsuits.

William Schmidt said...

Obama's Coverup of Wall Street Criminal Fraud.
Obama Is Covering Up Goldman's Criminal Fraud.


I have collected a lot of materials on GS.
Google "TigerSoft" "Fraud" "Goldman Obama"
This is a corrupt company engaging in fraud on a scale never seen before. Madoff is a piker by comparison.

I will add more information as the fraud comes out.

Anonymous said...

If only we could get the population to learn the 7th amendment a little better. IRS income tax cases could be nullified more often by only one jury member, putting an end once and for all to taxpayer support of companies like Goldman Sachs.

Learn the 7TH Amendment maggot!
Red Beckman - Fully Informed Jury

Romani said...

Mr Mike Morgan - please let me know if I can help by making your blog popular online.


Anonymous said...

All I have to say, way to go Goldman Sachs - Streisand in effect.

W.C. Varones said...

Hey Mike,

Thanks for taking up the good fight!


Chris Beanie said...

GS will beat earnings big time. Mikey, make love, not enemies.

Anonymous said...

Mike: read the news -

INHO, Its an intimidation tactic. maybe some fine tuning to your site would fix all the legal stuff they can think of. The First Amendment rules, and I have full faith in it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

How about you cover the angle JP Morgan owns Goldman and Rockefellers own JP Morgan?

So Rockefellers run Wall St.


Mike said...

Without Goldman's lawsuit, and the subsequent UK Telegraph Article, I never would have found your site. Keep up the good work! It's also front page on digg.

John Grover said...

Good job Mike

TerrorPatriot said...

To fully comprehend the global nature of the elitist control we are witnessing here you must dig deeper. Goldman Sachs and our Central Government are only pawns and overseers of this American Plantation.And it's economic slaves are called Democrats and Republicans.We need a house cleaning revolution not a bunch of silly tea parties.TP.

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh at Goldman wanting to pay back the TARP money so as not to under added regulation. Sure they can pay it back because we gave them another $12.5 billion through the backdoor with AIG.

I don't believe Obama is to blame since Bush initiated TARP but it is the ultimate coverup for the illegal activity on Wall Street and still goes on. Does everyone see why Paulson wanted no judicial oversight of the bill and no questioning of his decisions which are still mostly secret? Having $500 million in funds invested in Goldman personally wasn't too much of a conflict of interest was it? It does show who really runs the country - the banks, the Federal Reserve and the wealthy shareholders who have been completely bailed out and exonerated from any wrong doing.

I continue to be completely amazed at the Justice Department's almost complete refusal to unleash the RICO Act on the financial community instead leaving them to civil fines which are paid by customers in effect. A few sacrificial lambs such as Madoff (who deserves whatever he gets but is a small fish) will be burned at the stake to please the populous while the big players are bailed out.

This is the biggest fleecing of a supposedly free democratic society in the history of the world.

That will be obvious in a few years when mortgage rates hit 20%.

Anonymous said...

The current financial debacle was a fraud from the beginning. Just a few who said this in writing, Frank Partnoy, William F. Black, Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, Atlantic Monthly. All of these and many more. Congressional "investigations" are ALL shams. They are intended as cover for the political elites. They actually prejudice any investigation the FBI is "allowed" to conduct.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this is a complete misrepresentation of reality. The whole reason AIG was bailed out so it could honor its counterparties! Either AIG pays GS, or they default on their contracts (not paying = default, no getting around that). Which would you prefer?

GS's hedges only pay out if AIG defaults. Their exposure can be immaterial even if they had the 20bn notional. This is typical business for any risk-conscious financial firm.

Anonymous said...

Here is another link which discusses the Goldman hedges:

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous (1:54pm)

We all KNOW that AIG was bailed out so it could pay counterparties. If GS was hedged, who cares? That means that AIG's bailout saved someone else the bother of covering their bets with GS. OBVIOUSLY default is the preferable option. Then, too, maybe the default at AIG would have wiped out Goldman's other counterparty. But again, so the fuck what?

"Systemic risk" is just a ruse to fool the rubes and hayseeds and the dopes they send to Congress. Yes, we're all aware that BAC, C, GS and a few others might be brought down by the "daisy-chain" of derivatives, but that doesn't destroy "the financial system." It would only be a very different financial system. Even a Lehman-style outright bankruptcy would only result in temporary dislocation, causing some disruption, but ultimately requiring that real losses be recognized as such. A slow, controlled FDIC-style receivership may be preferable. But what we have now is lies, smoke and mirrors, uncertainty, zombie banks, zombie companies and the taxpayer is left with the bill.

Yes, I would have preferred that AIG default on the CDS's it couldn't cover anyway without my involuntary support.

Anonymous said...

The Fed is owned by Jacob Rothschild 57%, Lazard Bro of France, Moses Seif of Italy, David Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros., et al. There are 13 families in possession of Fed stock and they are related to or business partners of the Rothschilds. This answers some questions raised by Frank Walton on "Does Goldman Sachs control the US government" 4/10 on this site.

Anonymous said...

OK, so AIG was bailed out to honor bets, that while legal, were based on an utterly corrupt Real Estate bubble and legal but utterly corrupt securitization.

So, instead of saving the world, we save the legal, but corrupt spinners of the web that has flashburned to a crisp?

The elites are on their way to frying in juice. They can go the logical way and live, or they can pull this CYA and fry. Obama is not a dumb man, and my only explanation is his strategy is based on letting the whiz kids fail, and then he will jettison them and have the real power he needs to start over. If he started reforming from the get-go, they would prob do something to his power or him personally. It's a risky approach for him, but he may not have had a choice.

I've tried to understand how continuing corruption is supposed to save us, but it is so illogical to follow one wrong worldplan with one even more distorted.

What wouldn't stand before cannot stand again. This is so dirty it makes no sense whatsoever. Use the FDIC to create a market that guarantees RE bets that are going to continue to go sour.
OK, so they're going to reinflate enough to save the RE market? Wow, MAYBE, if enough people are buying, which is not happening.

Meanwhile, banks are manipulating the govt guarantees in this market?
Wow, I am an amateur and sound like one, but when will the market return to real again? I didnt buy a house because I remembered the dotcom boom.
Don't these clowns know that soiling the FDIC name makes people think its time to yank your money out of the bank time?

Now after spinning two bs booms, we're supposed to believe in a third spun out of national debt? HUH?

Anonymous said...

I want the minutes from Paulson's Meeting with the Bush Economic Team from June '08 to December '08.
They knew "exactly" what they were doing by bailing out AIG and select Banks. Just follow the $ and it will lead straight to Goldman and a couple other large FIs.
Check out Jack Willoughby's piece in the 4-13-09 Barrons, where he interviewed William Black. Black is a former insider who calls it like it is. This whole thing smells to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

The situation is insane, to say that paying 100 cents on the dollar was the only option is just a bad joke. Unenforceable contracts are made every day, and are voided by bankruptcy. Honestly AIG needed to re-negotiate, either sign and accept less or potentially not get anything. During the last recession many banks had this option given to them by over leveraged business owners and they had the potential to get physical assets in lieu of repayment and many accepted 80 cents,70 cents, 60 cents on the dollar. So it is just malarkey that renegotiating was not an option. Honestly it was just laughable GS thought they could insure a 100 billion in rancid feces cdos with 100 million worth of AIG issued cds. The way I see it either they were really dumb(the kind of counter party risk AIG had could easily wipe it out before it paid 5% of CDS claims) or knew something we didn't presumably that if anything happened there would be a bailout. Now bear with me, it was not because of just their influence I think they were well aware of AIG cds and derivatives based insurance to foreign corporations and politically they could force action. It seems clear to me that insuring all of my CDO liabilities with one company is a big risk and the truth is there were not many feces holes to send it to or else they would have diversified. Here is the bigger question to Mr. Blankfein, how does one hedge their exposure to their Hedge on bad mortgage debt counted in billions, when it became clear AIG couldn't post collateral was any counter party going to take a risk and write contracts against AIG? Even if they were to hold a large short position it seemingly would have had to have been held for quite a while and would have to have been quite large, in order to effectively hedge what I consider to be 20-60 billion in risk you are talking a short position so large someone would have noticed. I think Blankfein is full of it, without the AIG payout, 5 billion from buffet, and fed tarp dollars, GS had a big liquidity problem. Remember the difference between bear sterns and goldman sachs, it is one letter BS vs. GS. In actuality I think BS might have been a healthier company, I don't think their portfolio was as toxic or as large and Goldman's.

Jose L. Semidey said...

Are any one of you surprised?

and they still want your house in foreclosure, I believe we call that a wind fall!

Can we re-start this country, let us create a new republic, a new constitution.

the one we have is so corrupt and failed the fathers of the republic that sickens me a great deal.

we are hanging by a thread, and the financial future of America belongs to an elite that is selfish and blind. I do not think that there is a sensible solution, Mr. Obama have the wrong players around. No wonder not even the republicans are saying anything.

This stinks and no solutions are available.

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs needs to pay back the tens of billions of taxpayer money they STOLE through AIG. On top of stealing that money with the help of Hank Paulson they were paid twice on all that massive AIG exposure since they stated they were fully hedged on those positions (which all technically went bust). Goldman makes bad bets and the taxpayers take care of their losses. Now they claim to have posted their 2nd biggest quarterly profit, of course it was when they literally stole tens of billions of taxpayer dollars. Congress needs to bring the hammer down on Goldman or no one will ever have any faith in government ever again.

Anonymous said...

This is a dis-info site put up by Goldman, to tell us all the obvious facts, that we already know, thereby distracting us from the real conspiracy of GS crahing the market in 08!
Here is how I see it.
1. GS shorts the ABX(subprime) in 07. Makes a Billion or 2. Sends a ripple in the markets.
2. GS men at the Exchanges raise margin requirements forcing massive liquidation in JULy 07, not to mention cornering the oil market.
3. GS men at the SEC raise margin in 08, lower regulation increasingly over entire tenure.
4. There man Hank Paulson took Lehman in the other room, executation style. That really got things rolling (downhill)
5. Then, GS influence at Mood'yS(warren buffet) slashed AIG rating forcing them to find Billlions overnigth,
6.Then Hank Pauslon shows up with his $700 Billion ransome note. After stock markets crash around the world for 10 days, congress gives the big five banks their money.
7. Jim Cramer, former partner of GS, after watching the market crash for 10 days, tells America to sell everything. If we see a rally this year, you know Cramer is in on it
8. Rubin was a trojan horse on Citi's Board, encouraging them to get long and heavy in realestate.
9. AIG and Citi were made fall guys from the beginning, "to big to fail" was the plot
10. It's possible that GS even inflitrated Freddie and Fannie. It's obvious IndyMAc was a front to push liars loans.

Anonymous said...

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