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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can Jack Bauer Stop Goldman Sachs? - No

Editor's Note: You've got to read this piece. I've put just two of Paul's top 10 below, and a link to his full article.

Even Jack Bauer can't stop 'The Goldman Conspiracy'
10 reasons why Wall Street has absolute power over America's democracy

by Paul B. Farrell in Market Watch

Here's the whole plot:

Scene 1. American government is now run by the 'Goldman Conspiracy'

Oh, you really think just I'm plotting a television series? Or just paranoid, exaggerating this power grab? You better read "The Usual Suspects," Matthew Malone's brilliant article in Portfolio magazine: He "exposed" the "Goldman Sachs 'conspiracy' to take over the U.S. financial system." Read it in this context: America's financial sector has exploded from 19% of corporate profits in 1986 to 41% today, becoming a magnet for every wannabe billionaire. They know why Wall Street must control Washington.

Scene 2. Huge conflicts motivating Wall Street's 'Trojan Horse'

And just in case you think any emphasis on The Hammer's conflict of interest was invented purely to increase drama, please remember that he worked at Goldman for three decades after serving under Nixon. He got $38 million his last year as CEO in 2006 before becoming Treasury Secretary.

Then during the market meltdown six months ago the $700 million personal fortune he built at Goldman was threatened by Goldman's huge $20 billion derivatives exposure at AIG: Suddenly his responsibilities at Treasury merged with a strong self-interest in protecting his personal fortune. AIG was "saved."

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Anonymous said...

Well done.

Trading with The Golden Scrote was like trading with the Devil.

They would wine and dine accounts only to try to stuff them with crap the next day.

This blog is doing the world a great service. Down with the G'Scrote!

Anonymous said...

Through the Freedom of Information act and the TARP bailout money in side the Big Banks like Goldman Sachs or Citi or AIG we Investors should be able to see all the stock holders and Tier one investors that hold major interests in these banks ......... before investing in them . The laws should be specific in that the investments in these banks be staged in the USA , and that if foreign Investors want to sell their interests in these banks and take the money out of the USA , that Money should be not allowed to leave the USA until a Stress Test of that banks holding assures that bank collapse is not a result , thus placing all domestic investors at risk , as well as US economic interests . Until this type of Stress testing is done , all Investors should be very carful when investing in these International Bank holding companies . Goldman Matrix of holding companies

When you look at this Matrix of the Financial structure of Goldman the method of extraction of Bailout Monies from the taxpayers that are lodged inside these bank holding companies , done at precise times when bank stock prices rise on investors coming back into the market buying these banks , the possibility of these events happening and extracting taxpayer funds is a real threat without Full Disclosure and Transparency too all Investors before Investing in any Government funded Banks or any Company for that matter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are the Big Banks allowing foreign investors to extract the bailout cash as their stock prices rally to heal the foreign investors losses at the expense of the US taxpayer ???? Goldman Sachs and the various connections to national and International Companies that have been the beneficiaries of the Bailout programs , the Problem with the current way the Monies are allowed to flow through these entities and in and out of the USA as well as other nations without all investors having a clear view of all foreign and domestic pools of investors and how they are distinguished throughout the various investment firms and their deployments of portfolios and the way in which these investments are designed to extract cash investments from the Economy , like was the case with TARP 1

prefect way to set up a system to allow foreign investors to extract cash from the investment funds that invest into these back holding companies as the stock prices rise , from the lure of the though of a recovery , that set into motion the greed element , not really driven by Consumer buying , just the though of a cheap priced stock ..... then as the Bailout money is filtered into the system through these banks , the stock prices rallies and lures more investors back in all the while the foreign investors extract the cash , slowly bleeding dry the capital that was appropriated by the Fed and congress at the expense of the Taxpayers , and this eventual demise ends with the total collapse of the USA capital System , and the US dollar kicked out of the reserve currency position in the world .

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What the heck is wrong with Jack Bauer?
It am not sure if Wall Street has absolute power over America's democracy, but I do know that at least, things are going fine!

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