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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Does Goldman Sachs Manipulate the Stock Market? - Sure Does Look Like It

Editor's Note: Here is a second piece done by the guys at Zero Hedge with some might damning numbers. It truly is Government Sachs when no one questions this stuff. We know the guy running the New York Stock Exchange is a Goldman Sachs boy, as he was a former Managing Director. So where is the SEC? By the way, isn't it about time we separated the analysts from the traders? Obama . . . wake up dude. Where's the CHANGE? And I don't mean the change that will be left in our pockets after you give all of our money to Wall Street.

Goldman Sachs Principal Transactions Update: 1 Billion Shares!
Posted by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

This is getting surreal. Goldman principal program trading is now well over 5x compared to its customer and agency trades and a 150 million share pick up compared to last week. For yet another week, Goldman's principal trading represents more than half of all NYSE member firm principal transactions.The people demand Cuomo and an end of market manipulation.

Go to Zero Hedge and view the numbers - Click Here


Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs not only manipulates the stock market, they manipulate the government.

dogismyth said...

they are the government son.

Can someone place a retrace with GS for me? I need a retrace on the EUR/USD. I find it amazing they can manipulate the currencies also. I'm sure the central banks work closely with them.

Anyway, please place that retrace for 1.315...LIKE IT SHOULD BE. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

GS bought Redi from Spear Leeds about 2000 and regulators should look at best execution across that system for principal versus agency trades.

It sure seem odd for a "commercial bank" to be doing more than 5 times principal trades.

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