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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goldman Sachs "The Other Story" Links - April 28, 2009

Goldman Sachs Links for April 28, 2009 from All of the links below discuss Goldman Sachs, even if the headline might not indicate that.

'Goldman Conspiracy:' RICO? Or Medal of Freedom? – Market Watch
Vote: Racketeers to be indicted or revolutionary American heroes?

Goldman Sachs Boosts Risk-Taking at Fastest Pace on Wall Street – Bloomberg
Why not? It’s our money and guarantees backing them up.

Barack Obama: Another Captured Pawn of Goldman Sachs' Wall Street – Market Rap
It isn’t really a conspiracy or a criticism. It’s just a fact.

Goldman Sachs with Guns – The New York Times Blog

Cliff Dive Ahead For Bank Stocks – Gold Seek
One might infer Goldman is the de facto trading arm of the Federal Reserve.

Issue of the week: Does Goldman have too much power? – This Week

Goldman Sachs' TARP Went to Buffett – Seeking Alpha

Calling Out Politically Connected Banks – Forbes
M&T Bank CEO refers to Goldman Sachs as a Bad Casino Bank

The Bogus Bank Recovery - Newsweek
At its core, the financial crisis is about uncertainty; who's holding what, how much it's worth, when it will blow up.

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