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Monday, April 20, 2009

This Goldman Sachs Website Not For Sale

I need to clear the air a bit after a Bloomberg reporter wrote a piece titled: Goldman Sachs Love Blog Is Now for Sale to Anyone: Matthew Lynn

Matthew writes that he bought and he is offering that website for sale . . . not this one.

In regard to this website. Yes, we have had several offers to sell it. One offer in particular will be entertained this week if the offeror checks out. I'm not intersted in selling this website and it has never been offered for sale, nor will it ever be. But if someone can take over and do a better job with better resources . . . it's yours.

Here's a link to Matthew's article - Click Here


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Morgan

If you read the Bloomberg article properly, you will see that Mr. Lynn too, explores the inadequacies of Goldman Sachs and therefore, in a way is 'on your side'.

Your complete overreaction to the story urges me to think that you too and specifically your website, are complete exaggerations of the truth.

If I took any of the information from this website on board before, I am now loathe to do so as it's creator now strikes me as a financial quack, along with those that called for the suicides of senior AIG management.

Sincerely yours,


United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

The only problem with the opinion here by the good UK member is that if things were ok in the financial sector and we were not seeing this kind of stuff going on , there might be a case for this website being over blown retoric , But , when I see this stuff here in the main stream media networks I would say that alot of " Behind the Scenes stuff is going on and it takes Principles like this website to bring the truth out ......Even a drop out could run this kind of a business , with this kind of Backing , What a Bunch of Bull , to big to fail Means to Big a Mistake , so wheres the education system need to go to teach people how to be able to swallow their pride and face the fact that when they screw-up over greedy emotion that clouds their Educations sound principles of Business which they should have been taught if they got the degree , that if they don't make the right choice they go out of business and the sound money takes the lead , wheres the Justice here ????????? American People and their country deserve better , TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U.S. may convert banks’ bailouts to equity share
White House: Approach will prevent need to seek more cash from Congress
U.S. may convert banks’ bailouts to equity share . Is this why America Needs a Better education system of what so we don't have to fix the game with unfair methods , I mean what good is the 100K education if this is the way we reward failure in America

What about Main Street in America , Why does the bank get to do this , when they were the Enablers of this Loan driven economic crash in the first place , What a bunch of Bull . They should go broke , sell off their parts that are worht something and New Entities take over their place in this economy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fugeguy said...

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Anonymous said...

If they shut you down,, you can always relaunch on wordpress blogs, like or something.


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