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According to the Collins English Dictionary 10th Edition fraud can be defined as: "deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage".[1] In the broadest sense, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent. The specific legal definition varies by legal jurisdiction. Fraud is a crime, and also a civil law violation. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud, but there have also been fraudulent "discoveries", e.g. in science, to gain prestige rather than immediate monetary gain
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Volunteer Information - Exposing Goldman Sachs

Without volunteers, this website will fade into the mist like all the others. But we have an opportunity to make this the very first REAL action website on the Internet. To do that we need volunteers to research and post. If you have time, great. If not, maybe you have an assistant or associate in your office or company that can help . . . even if that is one hour a week, ten hours a week or more. I cannot accept financial contributions but I can accept the work of volunteers to make this a website that gets the attention of Washington. And if you have the financial ability to hire someone to assist (part or full-time) that would be FANTASTIC, even if it is just an hour or two a week.

I can use all the help I can get. One thing that happens is people send me links and articles. Then I need to read them to see if they are relevant. Then I need to pull a paragraph or two and set it up as a post with the Headline, Live Link, etc. It’s time consume, but even if I had 50 people that could do one of those a week, that would be great.

1 - My idea is to get a few volunteers to go out and find interesting posts for the blog I set up. I just posted a few where I simply use an excerpt and a link to the article. If we can get permission to post the entire piece that is fine, but the big guys will never do that. We may get that from other blogs, as they can take whatever we have. This is time consuming to find the pieces and then load them up, and I’d like to be able to put a few up every day.
2 – If this goes well, I will build a website where we will post all of the stuff from the blog, and this way we will get top ranking in Google.

3 – I also need a volunteer to screen and decide on comments we receive. This is relatively easy, with a basic quick read to make sure there is nothing offensive, no profanity and the comment is legitimate. Then it is nothing more than hitting the button to Publish or Reject.

4 – If all goes well, and we accumulate enough information, I want to write a book . . . How Goldman Sachs Destroyed the World

5 – I also want to start gathering information about where Goldman Sachs executives go. We know they are at the Bank of Italy, Bank of England, US Treasury, etc. Well, where else are they and what are they doing. This could be a book in itself. But if you have time to start Googling names of Goldman Sachs executives, you will see more names and more information. I need to get this info to one person to start outlining.

So that’s where I’m at. If you think you can help, please feel free to call me 772-260-5448 or email me


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

I understand Goldman Sachs may take legal action against this site. If so, please ask them the following questions.

1) Does Goldman Sachs have any knowledge of the Russian government keeping track of plagiarism by profs at universities or employees at investment banks or government agencies?

2) Does Goldman Sachs know of any case that a person, whether connected with GS or not, has submitted immigration benefit requests, e.g. a visa, whose work contained material of another that was not cited?

3) Does GS know if the Russian government knows of such a case? Any such case involving current or past GS employees?

4) Does GS know of any case where people have gone along with plagiarism by citing the plagiarizer, out of fear or some other reason?

5) Has GS or companies linked to it done that?

6) Does GS know of any case where an individual or business has been harmed by this?

7) Does GS know of any case where there is systematic harm to a person or business from many entities participating in such a scheme?

8) Does GS know of profs with high government office as appointees in the Clinton, Bush, or Obama administrations connected to universities engaged in this?

9) Does GS know if Russia has tried to use pressure on them?

10) Does GS know if Harvard withheld information from the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard from 1997 to 2005 by Assistant US Attorney Sara Bloom?

11) Is the effect of GS in taking action against this website to subject witnesses in these other matters to fear? Can GS's law firm ask the employees of GS to account for this? Does GS know of a person who is a victim or witness who is afraid to come forward?

None of the above is to imply that these are true of GS or others. These are just questions that may be useful to the public interest.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Has GS obtained benefits from high level
appointees in the US govt whom GS knows
are involved or linked to institutions
involved in these issues?

In particular, have profs from Harvard or Princeton or other schools linked to these matters
given benefits to Goldman Sachs while GS knew of these issues?

This is not to assert any wrong doing by GS in this place, but just meant to help the process of finding information of use to the public interest. Russia gathering information about plagiarism by profs and using that knowledge when those profs or others from the same university have high level government jobs is an important public issue. Search Russia plagiarism files to see links on this.

American Institute of Physics has linked to my blog on this topic.

American Institute of Physics has this link on this subject:

One important “pupil” who paid Fuchs an early visit was Qian Sanqiang. In 1959 Qian was the designated mastermind of Mao’s A-bomb program. In July of that year, Qian made his way to East Germany, where he met with Fuchs at length. (H. Terry Hawkins, now a senior fellow at Los Alamos, told Stillman in 2006, “I read this report in an unclassified publication, that this meeting took place shortly after Fuchs returned to East Germany. Fuchs gave Qian information that greatly assisted the Chinese program.” Also see During those long summer days of 1959, Fuchs gave Qian a full tutorial on the design and operation of Fat Man. In all likelihood, he also added his thoughts on the role of radiation pressure in thermonuclear weapons.

China also may be using these methods, both with physics profs and with econ, business and law profs. Agencies of the US government that may be impacted are US Treasury, Federal Reserve, Council of Economic Advisers, White House, and profs appointed to the DOJ. This is true under Clinton, Bush and Obama. The law firm itself may know about this in the law and econ area and itself may be able to provide information on this topic of public interest.

AIP has shown its a topic of public interest by linking to it and by indicating in its publication that China is engaged in activities harmful to the US. That makes it public interest. US v. Harvard, Shleifer and Hay is of the public interest. Does GS know if info was not disclosed by Harvard to USAO Mass from 1997 to 2005 or afterwards? Are witnesses afraid to come forward? Do any GS employees have knowledge that GS could provide to USAO Mass on this case or on the topic of plagiarism or Russia keeping track of plagiarism at US schools? Has GS received benefits from profs in the US government from the schools that may be involved? This is not an assertion that it does or is involved, but GS could lend its best efforts to assist in this area.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Also more specifically, during the period of 1997 to 2005, did a Goldman Sachs employee publish the work of another or gain an immigration benefit?

Did that employee have a link to Harvard?

Was that information withheld from the USAO Mass investigation of Harvard by Goldman Sachs?

Did Goldman Sachs get an immigration benefit for that employee?

Did Russia know of it?

Did Goldman Sachs and Harvard together withhold that information?

Did former Goldman Sachs employees who were appointed to high level US government office know of this? Did Governor Corzine?

Did Goldman Sachs know of this and not tell the FBI in background checks for Robert Rubin, Corzine, or other GS employees hired by the US government?

Does Goldman Sachs know that Harvard also did not disclose this information to the FBI in background checks of Harvard profs hired by the US government? Or Princeton profs?

Is GS engaged in an agreement with Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and others to withhold information on this topic from the FBI in background checks?

Does Russia know that?

Does Russia use that to exert influence or attempt to do so on the US government?

This is not an assertion, just questions. I thank GS for any assistance it may provide on these matters of public interest.

ericswan said...

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., riding a rising market, is considering making a multibillion-dollar offering of its shares to investors as part of an effort to repay a $10 billion government loan, according to people familiar with the matter.

The move, which could be announced as early as next week, comes as the firm prepares to report solid first-quarter earnings Tuesday. Goldman executives haven't determined the exact...snip from Wall St. Journal.

Reminds me of that burst bubble when Montana Power traded self-sufficiency for high teck stocks.

Anonymous said...

Someone could write an entire book about Hank Paulson alone ... how he and Goldman helped engineer the subprime market ... how they helped sell toxic waste to the world (rubber stamped as AAA credit) ... how they nearly ruined the credit rating of the US Govt ... I could go on and on.

Jack Rabbit said...

I've written come articles on "Conspiracy theory" that I think help readers take the leap from being afraid or shamed into not asking questions, to realizing that it is their duty to do so. Check out, links on left side. There is also an article called "A Map of WWII Europe: Something to Ponder" that meshes nicely with this topic

TerrorPatriot said...

Mike,I have been railing against GS,FRB,and the Government involvement for a while now. It brought them down on me too!!Hang tough. You are not alone. TP.

Anonymous said...

I have written articles, and posted articles from various web sites. maybe we can help each other, and possibly the world by getting more people to pay attention.
Thanks for your hard work,

Anonymous said...

How can any of blog posts/articles be posted as facts? How is anything being researched and confirmed for accuracy?

Why are you short GS stock? Why should we help you make a profit?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it's time to build a "special" prison to house all from Paulson on down who are responsible for the biggest scam ever committed on the American people and people around the world. Many lost their retirements, pensions etc. and what did these people lose? Nothing, nada, zip! They just walk away? Disgusting abuse of power and privelege!!
Tess Falasco, American

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the US, but in the UK any suspicion of fraud needs to be reported to the regulator. A spokesperson for GS is on the record for saying they knew Madoff was a fraud for years and acted in their clients interest (and theirs) accordingly. Pretty sure this is against the law in the US as well.

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