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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Volunteers Needed


NOTICE - Plaease do NOT send ANY unsolicited emails with tips, articles or information. We receive thousdand and thousands of them each week. We don't need more information. We need VOLUNTEERS. So if you just want to sit back an play the email game, please send your emails somewhere else. We don't need information. There are piles of it. We need Volunteers, whether it is an hour a month or 10 hours a week or one day a year. Sending emails is exactly what Goldman Sachs wants you to do . . . sit on your butts, doing nothing. Eventually, it will be too late, and it may already be too late. Goldman Sachs controls the financial markets, oil markets, commodities and governments around the world. So sit back and eat bon-bons if you just don't care about your future, and the future of your kids, friends and family. But please do NOT send anymore emails, unless you are prepared to compile them or put them in a post or work on a volunteer team,

You Can Make A Difference - We have a tremendous group of volunteers but as this grows, we need more help. We need researchers, writers, blog posters, media contact people, speakers and more. Our goal is 30 new volunteers a day. If you're ready to help email the Volunteer Team at

If you can't volunteer, but you have the ability to hire someone part or full time to help with this website, please call me, Mike Morgan 772-260-5448. And if you know some wealthy folks that would be interested in hiring a volunteer or two to help with this site, please pass the info along.

Updates - Use the link on the left hand side to sign up for our Email Updates.

Executive Hunt Team: We have a great Team of volunteers researching where Goldman Sachs executives have gone and what they are doing. Our goal is to publish an online repository of this information for the media. For example, Goldman Sachs boys and girls have held and key positions at the Bank of Italy, Bank of England, Bank of Canada, Bank of Australia, New York Stock Exchange (Duncan Niederaur runs it today), as well as the U.S. and foreign governments as key officals and advisors.

Working Document - One of our volunteers has started an Excel spreadsheet which we will use as our working document for all members on this Team. If you want to add to the document, verify information or assist to make this document better, email and we will send you the file with instructions on how to update.

Daily Link Team - We need one or more people that will be responsible for gleaning 10-20 links of important articles from the Internet, and posting a list of links related to Goldman Sachs on this blog . . . once a day. Email us -

Director Wanted: I would like to turn the day to day operations of this project over to a Director that can run this full time. If you are interested, or if you want to hire someone as the Director, please email me I need to devote my time to starting the next project -

Posting Team: This is huge. We need a solid team to post articles daily on this blog. You will be responsible for finding a great article that is already on the Internet. Pull 1-2 paragraphs from it, create a title for our blog, include the link to the original and presto . . . you're posting. Please help . . .

Speakers Wanted: I really don't have time for all of the interviews, so several of you have suggested a online recordings. Let's take that a step further and do a roundtable discussion with 4-6 volunteers that can speak articulately about the issues. We will have a moderator asking questions, and we will address issues. I would like to do 6-10 one hour videos. If you are interested in being one of the speakers answering questions, please email me

TECHIES WANTED: We need a few more techies to enhance and manage the new blog we are building. It should be ready in a week, but we need 2-3 volunteers that are familiar with tools. We also have a volunteer in Europe working on a fully integrated website, but that project will be 45-60 days out because it will include all of the financial institutions we will be adding to our project. If you're Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore, then do something. Ready to help -


Anonymous said...

Please be careful who you accept to help. It would be an obvious strategy by Goldman Sucks to put one of their own on your staff if you know what I mean. They could also hire someone just to be in on your project even if they aren't part of their staff and then report back to GS.

Keep this in mind.

Anonymous said...

Here is one project to follow up with: The use of GS as the Plunge protection team to manipulate the equity and currency markets. They have a complete unfair playing field as they know what will happen before it happens. This just robs the retail investor over and over and over.

williambanzai7 said...

BAIL, BAIL, BAIL (the Men of Goldman Sachs)

(Beer, Beer, Beer (Charlie Mochs) Irish drinking song)

WilliamBanzai7 Blog

Sing along Laddies and Lassies:

1,2,3 Bail, Bail, Bail

A long time ago, way back in Wall Street bailout history,
When the best game in town was was schtupping AIG,
A long came a bank by the name of Goldman Sachs,
And they invented a wonderful drink, and they made it out of derivative schlock.

Hey! they must have been bailout criminals, subprime sultans and/or PONZI kings,
And for them praise those busted bankers shall always sing;
Look at what they've done for us, they've filled Uncle Sam up with bailout beer,
Lord, bless those men of Goldman Sachs who invented...
Bailout Beer Beer Beer taxpayer Bail, Bail, Bail...

The Goldman pub, the Wall Street Inn, the AIG blackhole in the wall as well
One thing you can be sure of, it's Hank Paulsen's bailout beer they sell;
So all you busted bailed out bankers, at eleven o'clock you stop,
For five short seconds, remember the men of Goldman Sachs!

One... two... three... four... five...

Repeat Chorus

A busted hedge, a barrel of toxic asset slop, stir it around with a stick,
Just the type of lubrication to make your networth sink;
Another trillion dollars of TARP wallop will keep alive those bailout hacks,
It's only eighty cents half penny a pint, but a trillion more in tax.

One... two... three... four... five...

Hey! they must have been bailout criminals, subprime sultans and/or PONZI kings,
And for them praise those busted bankers shall always sing;
Look at what they've done for us, they've filled Uncle Sam up with bailout beer,
Lord, bless those men of Goldman Sachs who invented...
Bailout Beer Beer Beer taxpayer Bail, Bail, Bail...

The men of Goldmen Sox

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