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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goldman Claims "We Were Just Trying to Help" in Bear Stearns Murder

If the financial crisis were one bad episode of Law and Order, we would know from the opening scene that the trail of murder and deception leads straight to Goldman Sachs, we'd just have to sit through 58 minutes of poking around to get there. Lying beside Bear Stearns' body, we'd find a thread from a pristine GS suit carelessly left stuck to the bloody carpet. Knowing Goldman, we'd probably also find a business card signed "Love, Lloyd xoxo."

So I am fairly certain that most of us (those that count ourselves on the "sane" side of the crisis, that is, not the "Kool-aid" side) understand that there are bodies lying all over the battlefield and though we do not have definitive proof, it is fairly likely that we are already intimately acquainted with the culprits.

That being said, Goldman is still playing innocent. Isn't that adorable?

Via the New York Post, a "we have no idea what you're talking about" defense from the boys at GS so incredulous it makes me wonder if these guys have any shred of conscience at all. Likely not:

As Bear Stearns careened toward its eventual collapse, Wall Street golden child Goldman Sachs swooped in several times to offer aid -- but was dismissed out of fear the investment bank had an ulterior motive.


Said a Goldman spokeswoman yesterday: "We went out of our way to be helpful to Bear Stearns and any suggestion to the contrary is either misinformed, intentionally malicious or both."

Lloyd Blankfein throws a hissy fit because he can't suck what little marrow remains in Bear's bones before it curls up and dies and that is going out of their way to be helpful? Oh that's precious.

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Anonymous said...

What is described here mirrors what is written in When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of LTCM. Goldman looked at LTCM's books and bet against their positions.

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