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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goldman Sachs Consipiracy - The Movie

Editor's Note: Paul Farrell gets three cheers for being the sole main stream media report willing to tell it like it is when it comes to Goldman Sachs. Sure The Wall Street Journal must put out a puff piece on Stephen Friedman, but they didn't even have the guts to put it above the fold. So three cheers to Paul. Here are a few highlights from his most recent piece. Make sure you click through to read the entire article.

'Goldman Conspiracy:' Bogle's 'pathological mutation?'
Machinations on Wall Street, in government give rise to
13-episode TV plot
By Paul B. Farrell in MarketWatch

Prediction: The new movie "Public Enemies" will be a mega-blockbuster. Not because everybody loves "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, star of "Terminator: Salvation" and "Dark Knight."

No, it'll be a blockbuster because we get a chance to cheer for a new dark antihero, the infamous Depression era gangster, machine-gun-toting John Dillinger: Cheer because this new Dillinger is doing what we all secretly want to do -- rip off our corrupt banking system, turn the tables on the guys who have been ripping us off for too long.

When Goldman Sachs became a bank holding company late last year, New York Fed official Stephen Friedman inadvertently found himself in violation of charter rules.

. . .

Yes, this time the banks are the gangsters. They're robbing Main Street's Treasury. And it's an inside job. Hank Paulson, the "Goldman Conspiracy's" Trojan Horse, plays a "Dillinger," leading a much bigger conspiracy, the "Happy Conspiracy," that robbed America's 300 million citizens and taxpayers. They made off with trillions, while our "guards," a clueless Congress, laid down their guns and surrendered the keys to the vault.

. . .

What emerged has the makings of what may be the next mega-successful long-running television series. Here are some plot points for the first season: Episode 1. 'Goldman Conspiracy' as the new Mafia Godfather

(details in the full article)

Episode 2. 'Goldman Conspiracy' hires Barney Frank guy as lobbyist

(details in the full article)

Episode 3. 'Goldman Conspiracy' amassing power to rule the world?

(details in the full article)

Episode 4. 'Goldman Conspiracy' is manipulating stock market

(details in the full article)

Episode 5. 'Goldman Conspiracy' Cartel? Plutocracy? Dictatorship?

(details in the full article)

Much more from Paul Farrell at Market Watch . . . Click Here


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