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Friday, May 1, 2009

Is Goldman Sachs Running the New York Stock Exchange

Once again Goldman Sachs has demonstrated they are firmly in control. The latest week has Goldman Sachs trading more for their Princiapl account than the next 14 largest institutions in the world . . . combined! In fact, twice as much as the 14 largest institutions . . . combined!

Per the chart below, Goldman Sachs traded 1,028,100 shares versus 953,000 for ALL other reporting institutions . . . COMBINED

By the way, the current and former CEO of the NYSE are both former Goldman Sachs managing directors. Wake up America . . . you're being robbed, raped and roped up like a lamb ready for slaughter.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they do funny business with the Toronto Stock Exchange too. I've been watching for a while now, and there's always a big buy uptick right in the last few minutes of trading. It's also been trading at lower volume lately - averaging 450,000-490,000 share rather than the usual which is over 600,000.

They just upgraded the whole energy sector too, in the face of declining earnings. The TSX is very heavily weighted in Energy and PMs.

I have no way of knowing but I'm sure someone might be interested in investigating.

Anonymous said...

ive done a thing in my class about stocks and i gatta tell ya you only lose your money you spend i think they monitor what IP address is used and try to trick you they got a lot of people to do that so it is possible but what i wanna know is why would only Microsoft stocks go up out of the 5 stocks i chose because microsoft was the only stock thing i chose that was a want and not a need like goods

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