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Monday, July 13, 2009

Meredith Whitney Sells Out to Goldman Sachs

This morning Meredith Whitney official admitted that she cannot make it on her own, and she needs the power and might of the scraps Goldman Sachs will throw her way. Meredith is emulating the former dark Queen of the Homebuilders, Ivy Zelman, before she was booted out of Credit Suisse. Ivy now makes it a practice to suck up to homebuilders that can throw her a few bones.

Shame on Meredith. Today she prostituted herself in her nauseating glowing remarks about Goldman Sachs. What Meredith failed to point out, was exactly how and where Goldman Sachs is making their money . . . on the backs of pension funds, endowments and other fiduciary money that they are manipulating and front running. I should also mention, Meredith has failed to even hint at the problems facing Goldman Sachs as a going concern.

If Meredity were truly providing relevant and unbiased information, she'd be talking about the plethora of problems Goldman Sachs is facing as our economy falls deeper and deeper into what will eventually be a violent Depression.

And you gotta love the Dark Queen's comment that she was afraid to tell us how bad things really were. Is she kidding? She had no clue what was going on, and she was late to the party. Moreover, she's still late to the party if she thinks unemployment is going to stop at 13% and if she thinks Goldman Sachs can get away with criminal conduct to generate profits.

I'd love to sit and write a long piece on this, but I simply don't have the energy yet, and I have too many other things on my plate. Hopefully, the pros at Zero Hedge will expose the Dark Queen's dirty underwear.

Even though my heart attack and bypass surgery has slowed me down, there are others that are hot on the stinky scent of Goldman Sachs and Lord Blankfein. Zero Hedge does a great job, as does Reggie Middleton. Here at, I can no longer run like I was, but we will not simply walk away.

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I hope you are wrong as well, but I'm not holding my breath. Once unemployment jumps another level higher and extended benefits end, we could very well see the riots in the streets and the upwell of anger from the (formerly) middle class. $700,000 on average Goldman Sachs bonuses are not going to sit well with these folks who once had careers and are now living hand to mouth. The latest trend is for the FMCs to rent cheap hotal rooms. Raising a family of 4 or 5 in a small single bedroom.


I wish you well and good health. You provide an excellent service to the blogging community.

edwardo said...

Yes, and today we have the Meredith "she's gone over to the dark side" Whitney Rally. She could've been a hero, merely for telling a bit of truth, but now, as you rightly observe, she's a prostitute for GS. There's only one way any of this is going to end, badly and bloodily, because they won't stop till we stop them. And the only way that happens is by, ahem, extra-legal means.

Anonymous said...

EminEm said in the 8 Mile soundtrack hit song "lose yourself" a lot about his whores. I think it goes like:

"they moved on to the next shmoe with more blow for their whore nose

and sold their soul properties"

but he also played it as "sold their sole properties"

thats all a whore has to sell, amigoes

white boy rap, I honestly love this tune even more now. Its worth a listen today.

Anonymous said...

She always was with GS, in 2007 she says the GS stock will cost $250 because they short subprime.

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