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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama Wants SEC to Peer Into Books of Goldman Sachs

The headline at Market Watch was actually "Obama Wants SEC to Peer Into Books of Hedge Funds"

But I immediately thought the headline should have replaced Hedge Funds with Goldman Sachs. Think about all of the allegations leveled against Goldman Sachs recently. And then consider that there is not a single investigation opened by any government watchdog agency. Even when the head of the NYSE, a former Goldman Sachs director hints about trading problems, all of the big shots in DC turn their heads the other way.

Why? Money. Goldman Sachs and their friends on Wall Street own Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Peolsi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Bobo Biden and President Obama. Above all, they own Obama. From start to finish, here is a guy that came from nowhere and raised more money than any politician in the history of the United States (from Wall Street) . . . and with no experience whatsoever is elected President.

Then, instead of CHANGE, he not only approves of the Paulson Heist, but Obama puts the Paulson Heist on steroids. The banksters on Wall Street walk away with billions, and now Obama wants to pin it on Hedge Funds.

Even the Queen of Wall Street, Meredith Whitney, sold out to Goldman Sachs this week. Sometimes I wonder if people like Meredith, Carney Frank and Chris the Dodgster understand the consequences of what they are doing here. Because working for Satan will get them nothing more than a few nice dinners here and a boiling bed down the road. If you think that's harsh, talk to me in a year or two. But when it comes to Frank and Dodd, talk to me now. These two men are criminals that are apparently above the law. Why?

So as we go 360 on this ditty, I sadly smirk that the banksters and the gangsters in Washington have hooked up with the raconteurs on CNBC and the Economic Royalists that never have enough . . . but they're all headed for the same boiling bed. The sad part of what is unfolding, is that hundreds of millions of people will suffer, as the Goldman Sachs of the world systematically rape pension funds, endowments, fiduciary money they are supposed to be protecting and along the way wreak havoc throughout the world in countries that have never even heard of Goldman Sachs.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't more Americans waking up to this?

Good work Mike. I hope you still continue running this site. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

God be with you and to give you all the strength you need to cush these modern day living evils a.k.a. GS, JPM, Lazard and others.
It is an uphill battle but i think in the end they will be crushed by the BRIC and by distroying the dollar, that is their desire.
Like any empire, from reading into history, american empire it will come down by the own makings of their creators, the big GS666.

Anonymous said...

You have to admire the sheer audacity of the theft....they have morphed into a mega hedge fund, in the guise of a "commercial bank"....all backstopped by taxpayer dollars.

You do have to admire the sheer chutzpah.

And...good luck Barack......They aren't going to see the mailboy's checkbook. No way.

Anonymous said...

I just dicovered this site so i have to ask, has anyone seen this from another site?
Hank Paulson, the incompetent Treasury secretary during the last Bush Administration, was a former chairman of Goldman. Paulson almost slipped about the cozy relationship Washington had with Wall Street when he was being interviewed on TV and blurted out that it was part of his job to speak frequently with "market participants."

No, it's not.

Was he tipping information to Goldman during these conversations, like interest rate decisions? Was Goldman some sort of ex-officio government conduit?

The clincher came last week in the most bizarre and unexpected twist to this unpredictable decades-long tale.

Federal prosecutors accused a guy named Sergey Aleynikov of stealing proprietary "black box" computer codes from Goldman. The agent in charge of the case said the following in court: "The bank (Goldman) has raised the possibility that there is a danger that somebody who knew how to use this program could use it to manipulate the market in unfair ways." What was Goldman doing with a program that could "manipulate the market in unfair ways"?

The answer: It was using it to manipulate the is here

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Goldman has engineered the last and the present depressions. One has to ask if Wall Street is an honest broker--- pun intended. Do they simply make up the news and the rumors to move the market? Do they simply do insider trading at the public expense. Are the financial publications e.g. Wall Street Journal, Barons etc. just really fiction?

I Think So.

Goldman needs to be before a grand jury and then in prison.


Well done Mike,

Goldman Sachs will be eternally grateful to Obama for staying out of its way. Goldman has an uncommon grasp of the joystick.

This could be its letter of appreciation, ----

:-) , ... or on second thought, ..... :-(


... And while we're ranting on Goldman and its alumni, may I submit more ammunition....

The reach of these boys is rather pervasive, … some more thoughts on them and impact on other corners of our world….

The Skype example is just one of an endless list of “abuse because we can.” It is also a sign of the extent of their reach. Ethics? What’s that?


Goldman is backing the politically correct "Cap & Trade" system. These guys are clever. Find a cause with a strong emotional following of people who do not understand finance, wrap your tennacles around it and suck on it until it is dry.

Takwira said...

The parallels between Enron and GS are eerie to me. The stock price and trading practices can only end up the same way. The question is: when?

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