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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Goldman Sachs and the Turks and Caicos - A Lesson in Complacency

This one is truly fitting for Mike Morgan Behind Enemy Lines. Today the British Government finally imposed direct rule over the Turks and Caicos because of systematic corruption. Just as we sit back and allow Goldman Sachs to do as they please, the Brits allowed a small band of Banditos and Banksters to pull a Goldman Sachs. (yes, it's a verb now)

Those of you that know me, know I lived in the Turks and Caicos for a short time working for the Misicks. It didn't take very long before I realized something very fishy was going on. In fact, even though I took delivery of my car that was shipped over from the States, I left my container of personal possessions on the dock for months . . . because it became very clear, very quick that something was amiss in paradise.

I worked directly for the Washington, Phillip and Michael Misick. Michael was the current Prime Minister. Washington was a former PM and now a hotel/condo developer among other things, and Phillip was involved in a variety of real estate ventures along with other family members as partners. There was also Ariel Misick, who was a prominent attorney on the island, and as with Michael and Washington, Ariel also had a hand in TCI government. All in all, the Misicks were very enterprising.

When I finally decided to return to the States before I got my hands dirty, a high level British official flew in and approached me with a request to continue working for the Misicks. Why? The British Government knew then that there were shenanigans going on with Crown Land and how it was being gifted out, sold, traded and developed. But that was just one thorn in the Crown when it came to how the Turks and Caicos were being run.

At our lunch meeting, I was presented with a James Bond document stamped with an official looking security warning on the cover page. The document was pushed towards me with an explanation of what the gentleman was thinking about. I delicately pushed it back with two fingers as if it were a live bomb. That was in 2004. It took the British Government five years to finally impose British Rule on the islands. Sadly, that cost British citizens and Turks and Caicos islanders a bundle. By the way, islanders call themselves Belongers. And it means exactly what it sounds like.

So how do I tie this into Goldman Sachs. Easy. The same style of Wild West business where government officials, regulators and self-dealing businessmen were in bed together, is exactly what Goldman Sachs is doing to us. What the Misicks and others did to the Belongers and British taxpayers is what Goldman Sachs is doing to us and the world.

It took the UK five years to finally put an end to a small group of Government Banditos and Banksters. How long will it take us to stop our Government Banditos and Banksters?

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