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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goldman Sachs CEO Tells Bonus Boobs to Hide the Cash

In a New York Post article it was painfully clear just how evil Goldman Sachs is. Here we have the CEO telling those receiving bonuses to basically hide the money, and not to make conspicuous purchases.

Why? Easy answer.

1 - He knows they don't deserve the billions in bonuses.

2 - He knows they rigged the game.

3 - He knows they did it with our money.

4 - And he does not want the gravy train to end.

5 - I noted about six months ago, that I believed Lord Blankfein would pocket $100 million in base salary, bonuses and perks . . . at our expense.

6 - He also knows they are now a protected bank . . . even though they are making their money o skimming trades and front running.

Here's a slice of the New York Post article . . .

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has warned his employees to avoid making big-ticket, high-profile purchases as the gold-plated Wall Street firm hunkers down amid a firestorm of public and political anger over outsize bonus payments.
Read the full article - Click Here

Wake up America. You raised hell about $165 million in AIG bonuses, but that was a smoke screen for the billions in bonuses Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the other Banksters are walking away with. In fact, they are going to walk away with more than 100 times as much . . . and it is your money they are scamming the game with.


Anonymous said...

This scenario "to hide the money.....don't spend it on lavish low key and don't listen to those unwashed and unclean poverty stricken boobs called citizens"; sounds like a good old fashioned Mobster Movie!
Only difference is that movies entertain while these lizards destroy people lives and don't even show one ounce of regret. Does the word "Psychopath" come to mind here?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry they'll all die poor like the rest of us and no body will miss them here or want them anywhere else.
Their money will only be left to curse the lives of their offspring.
Sad that it couldn't be used more usefully in a world suffering at the hands of the greedy.

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I think CEO and stuff is very concerning for everyone.
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