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Monday, September 28, 2009

Goldman Sachs- Monday Mix

Goldman Sachs launches recruiting drive
Financial Times
Goldman Sachs has launched an aggressive recruiting drive to build its asset management business at a time when its rivals are pulling back from fund management.

Goldman Sachs among top contributors of Obama
War On You
Coming in at number 2 was Goldman Sachs. Goldman employees gave Obama $994,795.

Goldman Sachs May Benefit From New Regulation
Executives said that new rules on trading over-the-counter derivatives may benefit the firm because of the company's technological edge.

The Barack Obama, Goldman Sachs Connection
Atlanta Free Press
The economic policy of the Obama Administration is filled with a whos who of former Goldman Sachs employees

New York Post
Despite catching flack for having accepted $12.9 billion in taxpayer funds as payment for bets it made with beleaguered insurance giant American International Group, officials at Goldman Sachs were unapologetic yesterday, saying the payday was strictly business and aboveboard.

Why the USA Economy Crashes, Bail Outs, Money & Inflation
Sugar Bush
Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs & Treasury Sec under Bush, “I never saw the banking industry so strong”, is involved in Bear Stears & Lehman Brothers & with Geithner (also of Goldman Sachs) & the privately owned FED Res Bank ...


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