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Monday, October 5, 2009

Goldman Sachs Info and News Links - Oct. 5, 2009

Having bought the government, Goldman Sachs shuts down its ...
By lambert
Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N), legendary for its clout in Washington, has inexplicably halted its political fund-raising machine. The strange twist comes at a time when Wall Street's biggest and most powerful investment bank, ...
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Dollar Falls as Stocks Gain on US Banks, Spurring Risk Demand
By Ye Xie and Oliver Biggadike Oct. 5 (Bloomberg) -- The dollar declined against the euro as stocks rose after Goldman Sachs Group Inc. recommended large ...
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US Stocks Rise on Goldman Bank Upgrade, ISM; Dollar Weakens
Wells Fargo & Co. rallied 7.2 percent and JPMorgan Chase & Co. added 4.7 percent as Goldman Sachs said big banks will outperform regional lenders. ...
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Make do and Mend with Miss Marketcrash: CIT and Goldman Sachs
By missmarketcrash
The FT is also obsessing over the CIT thing and two articles appeared over the weekend which discuss the relationship Goldman Sachs has with all this. No doubt, the Goldman conspiracy theorists are chattering again. The FT held back, ...
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Howard Lindzon » Blog Archive » Goldman Sachs Investing In Stocktwits…
By Howard Lindzon
Goldman Sachs Investing In Stocktwits… Not really, but this is an open invitation to them. As they say…don't hate the 'playa'…or something like that. It would be fun if I had Henry Paulson on the Stocktwits board or Goldman Sachs as an ...
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Simon Johson: Should Goldman Sachs be Broken Up as a "Too Big To ...
By George Washington
Simon Johson: Should Goldman Sachs be Broken Up as a "Too Big To Regulate" Monopoly? Simon Johnson writes: Increasingly, the issue of “too big to regulate” in the public interest is being brought up – an issue that has historically ...
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Overview Of Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading: Part 1 |
By Vladimir
Zero Hedge is starting a multi-part overview of Goldman Sachs' Electronic Trading client-focused product suite, to demonstrate just how extensively embedded in. - » Economy » Goldman Sachs Internal Memo
By slowsmile
Here is an internal memo from the CEO of Goldman to all employees. It may be perceived as a memo of thanks for all their hard work during the tough stretches of the recession. The memo is touching in firm loyalty, surely a tribute to ... / Discussions -

Docudharma:: Goodfellas
By TocqueDeville
You will be in the company of people like you: people with intellect, talent, entrepreneurial spirit, drive and vision. Even those who choose to move on from Goldman Sachs stay connected to their Goldman Sachs colleagues through our ...
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Jesse's Café Américain: The Fed's Failure as Regulator
By Jesse
This latest incident with Goldman Sachs merely serves to illustrate the too often unilateral decision-making by the Fed in an ad hoc manner, without sufficient explanation. It was the appointment of Larry Summers that first put us off ...
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Goldman Sachs & J.P. Morgan Quietly Buying Up the Media : Truth is ...
By Truth is Contagious
Goldman Sachs & J.P. Morgan Quietly Buying Up the Media. Reposted from: October 4, 2009 @ 9:52 am. The 'propaganda' corporate machine that rules the airwaves now, ...
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Message From Michael Moore to America Re 'Capitalism' Oct 2 - Loan ...
By Irish Gal
The silly Goldman Sachs scene to dump $10 billion in a white bag - The facts are 3 months after that scene was shot Goldman paid back with a huge profit to the government $68 billion. Moore highlights insurance policies where benefits ...
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If Liz were Queen | GOLDMAN SACHS may be rolling in the dough ...
By admin
In July of this year Bloomberg reported that Goldman Sachs posted record earnings as revenue from trading and stock underwriting reached all-time highs less than a year after the firm took $10 billion in U.S. rescue funds. ...
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How Goldman Sachs Lobbies the Senate |
By Vladimir
The SEC is holding a public round table Tuesday to explore several issues around securities lending, which has expanded into a big moneymaker for Wall. -

Warner gives warning to Wall Street on pay | Washington Examiner
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. must be cautious about handing out record bonuses while the banking industry is still under distress or risk spurring an outcry from Congress, Sen. Mark Warner said.
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David Paul: Regulating Systemic Risk and Banker Compensation Will ...
The credit default swap contracts that AIGFP was providing to financial giants such as Goldman Sachs had no risk to AIGFP, argued Cassano, and therefore all of the annual receipts paid to AIGFP under those credit default swap contracts ...
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