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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goldman Sachs News and Links - October 6, 2009

Goldman Sachs earmark denounced
United Press International
The mine is owned by Goldman Sachs and two private equity firms, Pegasus Partners and Resource Capital Funds, Politico reported Tuesday. ...

Goldman Sachs: The “Smart” Money?! | The Big Picture
By Michael Panzner
US stocks rebounded today, aided by a rally in financials. Why was the group strong? Because a team of analysts at a well-known Wall Street firm upgraded the.

Goldman Sachs: For Once, Behind the Curve | Economic Scene
By Clay Risen
Felix Salmon has a good post chewing over the latest piece of good/bad news for Goldman Sachs--good news in that it stands to gain $1 billion from a bankruptcy.
Economic Scene -

Why Is Goldman a Bank Holding Company?
Seeking Alpha (blog)
Marshall Auerback sent me a link to a recent Simon Johnson missive about Goldman Sachs (GS). I had already seen and liked this article, but his e-mail ...

one small voice: Jon Corzine :the Goldman Sachs Years
By pjblogger62
In 1975, Jon Corzine moved to New Jersey, having taken a job as a securities trader at Goldman Sachs in New York. By 1980 he became a partner at Goldman. Jon Corzine rose rapidly through the ranks, to become chairman and CEO in 1994. ...
one small voice -


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