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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Goldman Sachs: The Big Bad Wolf

We here at GoldmanSachs666 are not alone in our efforts to expose Goldman Sachs. Not a day goes by - as evidenced by our daily news links - that does not produce a multitude of stories about Goldman Sachs. Most are not very complimentary.

Main stream, off stream and bloggers all have stories to tell and we attempt to bring them to you as well as to comment on them.

What is it that makes us all want to talk about this company? Is it that we are envious of the high incomes made by their employees? Is it that we are envious of the billions of dollars they pay out in bonuses? The answer to these two questions is yes for some but no for most. Ours is not envy or jealousy.  Ours is the search for truth, exposure of inappropriate actions, illegal actions and abuses against the people of this country  as well as the world

I have over the years talked about a shadow government. A group of people so powerful that no matter who is elected as President, these shadow people are in control.  Sound crazy?  Maybe but maybe not so crazy at all.

There is no question that Goldman Sachs has a great deal of influence over our fiscal and monetary policies.  But, does control of our money and the transference of wealth to themselves give them dictatorial powers at the highest levels of our government?  A question well worth asking.

In the words of Meyer Rothschild - whose quote is at the top of this page, "Let me control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws".  There is no doubt that Goldman along with the other Knights of the Round Table practice this philosophy.  Goldman Sachs has and has had people planted in various important positions of government.  Most recent of course, Henry Paulson as Secretary of the Treasury, a G.W. Bush appointee.  We have all seen the results of his term in office.  Billions of dollars given to his former company and the companies they do business with on a daily basis.  Bailout plans made late on Sunday evenings - mostly in secret - with no ability of "the people" to question, vote or oversee their decisions.  Of course, all done in the name of saving our economy and our nation.

What truly is driving this revolt against a firm that has been in business since the late 1800's is control:  Control over the financial markets domestically and internationally. control over regulation and regulatory agencies and most of all control over our government. Mike Morgan, founder of this blog site, has always said, "Wake Up America". Wake up to see the truth. Wake up to see what is really happening to all of us.

What Goldman Sachs represents is destruction of our way of life.  To take action, information must be gathered, rumors investigated and hard evidence collected.  That is how most investigations sorting out misdeeds occur.  This information is being collected.

There seem to be dozens if not hundreds of information gatherers and rumor collectors out there.  Again, they range in credibility  from the many main stream publications and news media to the common person possessing an open mind with the ability to know when something is wrong.  We have been questioned by some readers about the credibility - or lack thereof - of the sources we use and comment on.  Some question the credibility of main stream media and do so rightfully.  Some question the credibility of other bloggers including ourselves in terms of working knowledge or financial industry experience.  Some just question all of our motives as they do not believe there is anything wrong

Something is wrong here.  Our national media - main stream media like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN and their many affiliates along with  the many newspapers and magazines - often talk about these issues in their normal sixty second sound bites but never get to the root of the issues they are reporting on and most importantly don't follow through with more investigative analysis.
You can see from the articles we publish here, the video contained within them and from our daily news links that some are main stream but many are not.  The power can still be with the people if we join together with a unified voice and speak up and out.  Throughout our history change was made when people massed together and spoke out.

As to evidence of inappropriate actions I speak of above, these many blogs and news reports should create an outrage among us all.  Yet, for reasons I cannot determine, this outrage has not surfaced publically.  There appears to be a fear of doing so.  A fear instilled by those who would prefer power and wealth.

This need for power and wealth transcends morality and the very fiber of democracy our country is based on.  In effect we have what I call a Democratic Dictatorship.  This same need for wealth and power transcends political parties as well.  Democrat or Republican - it matters not.  The influence - or control - of companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the other "too big to fail" financial institutions seem to rear its ugly head throughout each administration

In our founder's own words,  "Wake Up America" before it is too late.  As long as the Stars and Stripes still fly over our country then it is still We The People..

Here at Goldman Sachs666, we are the people.  Arm yourselves with information and speak out loud.  Our combined efforts can make a difference.


yVONNE said...

I am in foreclosure on a house I owned for 35 years. I NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT>
While researching who the investors were for the newly formed OneWest Bank (that paid for the Indymac loans for 37.5 to 60 cents on the dollar)
I learned there is a deal with the FDIC to pay these investors 95% of the loss. Now their loss IS NOT on what they paid, but on the original amount of the loan.
I want to set up a website to have others in my situation group together to get this in the media by all sending emails/letters at the same time. There are hundreds out there.


Larry Rubinoff said...

Yvonne: You say
I want to set up a website to have others in my situation group together to get this in the media by all sending emails/letters at the same time. There are hundreds out there.

Go to That is a site set up to do what you want to do already. It is another of my sites and I would love to hve you participate.

Contact me at


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