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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goldman Sachs Links and News - November 17, 2009

Goldman Sachs Apologizes For Its Role In Crisis - FT
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) apologized Tuesday for its role in the financial crisis, the Financial Times newspaper reported on its Web site. ...

Janet Tavakoli: Goldman Sachs Nearly Bankrupted AIG
By Janet Tavakoli
Goldman Sachs wasn't the only contributor to the systemic risk that nearly toppled the global financial markets, but it was the key contributor to the systemic risk posed by AIG.

Goldman Sachs is sorry - The Globe and Mail
By Simon Avery
Last week the Globe's financial services reporter Steve Ladurantaye brought us a story of outreach at Goldman Sachs. Specifically, the frenzy that developed around rumours that the richest investment firm in Wall Street history wasn't ...

Bank Bonuses Surge; Goldman Sachs Executives May Earn More Than In ...
By Daniel M. Harrison
As the gap between the size of the largest and smallest US banking institutions has widened this year, so has another metric: the average salary of.

Jon Pessah - Fair Play – Goldman Sachs: It's Worse Than You Think ...
By Jon Pessah
Something Goldman Sachs could not allow. Instead, it insisted that it would be improper—and maybe illegal—to force the company take a loss. Any loss. Even a two-cents-on-the-dollar loss. This, at a time when we appeared on the verge of ...

Commentaries » Blog Archive » Goldman Sachs says sorry | Blogs |
By Jeffrey Cane
Tags: Commentaries, apologies, Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, Wall Street. Wall Street's response to public criticism has mainly been exercises in “never apologize, never explain.” Which makes today's mea culpa by Lloyd Blankfein all ...

Thain defends Wall Street bonuses
Thain also defended Goldman Sachs Group Inc, which is back to posting robust profits soon after paying back $10 billion it borrowed from the US government. ...

Goldman Sachs Announces $500M in Aid to Small Business
But Goldman Sachs (GS), along with Warren Buffett and several education and nonprofit groups, today announced a $500 million charitable project to aid small ...

Goldman Sachs: 'V-Shaped Recovery Unlikely' (press release)
Yesterday it was Bernanke warning about future growth prospects, last night it was Japan, and today it is Goldman Sachs, which is claiming that the economy ...

Blankfein Apologizes for Goldman Sachs Role in Crisis
17 (Bloomberg) -- Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., apologized for the firm's role in some of the ...

Goldman Sachs Betting on Derivatives Collapse Sparked Financial ...
Goldman Sachs Betting on Derivatives Collapse Sparked Financial Crash? :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website.

Protestors to Goldman Sachs: "You Are Not God" - Bernanke Explains Why
Huffington Post (blog)
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is going around claiming he's "doing God's work." That's exactly what he's quoted as saying last week in an interview for ...

Barron's Shows How Warren Buffett Got 120% Return on the Goldman Sachs (GS) Deal
Now on dissecting the returns that he will be earning from his Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) investment, Barron's says we can realize that he has beaten the US ...

Watchdog: Geithner Tried to Negotiate With AIG Counterparties
Atlantic Online
Goldman Sachs would have been out billions of dollars in collateral had a bankruptcy
like settlement been negotiated with AIG, and that is material. ...

Goldman Sachs does God's Will while 49 Million go Hungry
Huffington Post (blog)
Goldman Sachs alone was due $12.9 billion from AIG. But if AIG folded, Goldman Sachs and the other banks would have received pennies on the dollar, ...

Maybe Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) and CEO Lloyd Blankfein Should Become More Boring
American Banking News
So the remarks of Lloyd Blankfein recently, while probably in reality a joke, were taken and ran with by writers concerning his assertion that Goldman Sachs ...

Bluematter.: Goldman Sachs
By datacharmer
Goldman Sachs. "People are wondering why Goldman is making such bumper profits... What they don't realize is how little competition there is left in certain areas... Lots of banks just want to get rid of 'funny' assets at whatever price ...


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