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Monday, November 23, 2009

Goldman Sachs Links and News - November 23, 2009

 Editors Note:  It is encouraging to see people taking action, taking the time to protest openly and loudly.  It is encouraging to see publications such as the New York Times, Reuters, New York Magazine and Business Week jumping on the bandwagon and reporting on the misdeeds and mis speaks of the head of a snake that has bitten us once and will come back for the final kill. 
We must, as a nation and as a people demand the investigation for the truth.  Who runs our government?  According to the Constitution is is "We, the People", not "We, the Greedy".
Readers, would you be willing to picket as those in New Jersey and those in Chicago did?  Are   you willing to come forward and voice your opinions and concerns?  If you are, leave your          comments here.  Let's let "them" - all the Too Big To Fail's along with our government know, we  just are not going to sit back and take this anymore.                                                                          
Citizen Action coming to Jersey City to demand Goldman Sachs donates bonus money  By The Jersey Journal Journal file photocitizen Action watchdog plans to rally tomorrow at Goldman Sachs headquarters at 30 Hudson St. in Jersey City to ...
In addition to foreclosure prevention programs, Citizen Action is asking that Goldman Sachs help fund programs to increase lending and donations to small businesses for job creation, and to stop fighting financial reform efforts.
Goldman Sachs still owes the government $53 billion in bailout money, yet the company is making record profits and paying out big bonuses while millions of citizens are losing their jobs, the group said.
Larry:  The people are beginning to get it.  We need more groups publically voicing their outrage.  Are you willing?  Let me know.  Post a comment.

What Should Goldman Sachs's New PR Strategy Be?
New York Magazine
Last week, as you know, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein apologized for "participating in things that were clearly wrong" that they "have reason to regret. ...

Larry:  Do the "right" thing GS.  Help this country.  Fund small business not yourselves.  You all already more then you can ever spend in several lifetimes.  You caused the problem and enriched yourselves beyond reasonable.  So if your were "wrong" then pay it back.  Take the money you stripped from us and give it back so that we can rebuild.  Then your image would begin to improve.  Also, stop lobbyng and influence peddling in our government.  Stay out of our government but if you cannot then participate for the good of the people not for your own.

GenevaLunch » Blog Archive » NY Times lashes out at Goldman Sachs

By Ellen Wallace
The New York Times in a hard-hitting weekend article lashed out at Goldman Sachs and suggested that the bank should forget about employee bonuses and make a major donation to the US government. It points out that while the bank has ...

Goldman Sachs's Tax Rate Drops to 1%, or $14 Million

By rj
Goldman Sachs, which got $10 billion and debt guarantees from the U.S. gov't in October, is on pace for the best year in the firm's history but it is only paying 1 percent in taxes! ...

Larry:  What a country?    

Cassandra Does Tokyo: That Goldman Sachs Xmas Party Menu (in Full)

By "Cassandra"
With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I managed to get my hands on the Goldman Sachs Xmas Party Menu for this year. I'm told it's not final, but this is what they are proposing (note the pretty ballsy choice of venue...) ...
Larry:  First course is Shark Fin appropriate.  Click the link for full menu.  For those of you on food stamps write your Congressman so you can eat the same way.

I Retract My Apology and Call for More Regulation of Goldman Sachs ...

I Retract My Apology and Call for More Regulation of Goldman Sachs :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website.

Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News

Seeking Alpha (blog)
Goldman lashes back at NYT. Lucas van Praag, spokesman for Goldman Sachs (GS), fired back at the New York Times over the weekend for suggesting in an ...

Larry:  Goldman, Goldman, Goldman.  Stop!  We all see who and what you are and what you have by your Lord's own admission, did.

Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News

Seeking Alpha (blog)
Goldman lashes back at NYT. Lucas van Praag, spokesman for Goldman Sachs (GS), fired back at the New York Times over the weekend for suggesting in an ...

Goldman's Non-Apology

New York Times
—Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and chief executive, Goldman Sachs, Nov. 17, 2009. We'll give this to Mr. Blankfein, The New York Times's editorial board writes ...
Larry:  More from the NYT.  You would think GS would get it but they don't.  Why?  Because they believe they are invincible.  They have control ver the government and over the economies of many countries.  The whole world needs to take a close look at them.  NYT...keep it going.

Andy Borowitz: Facing Criticism, Goldman Sachs Cancels Plan to ...

By Andy Borowitz
The company had planned to perform a pagan dance around the inferno of blazing thousands while roasting a suckling pig as part of their year-end bonus celebration, but howls of protest forced them to reconsider.

SUNDAY, November 22, 2009

Wall Street: Is It Good to Apologize for Greed?

What would JP Morgan have said about regret expressed by Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein? History tells us the apology was a savvy investment By Chris ...

Goldman's Response to Questions About AIG

New York Times
This memo from a Goldman Sachs spokesman, Lucas van Praag, was sent to Gretchen Morgenson, a business columnist for The New York Times, in response to ...

Larry:  They just keep dancing.  The root of the issues however, go beyond their payment from AIG (US). The issues are "what they did wrong to cause this international crisis" and ruin the American people.  Goldman, look around.  Unemplooyment by the millions, foreclosures and homeless by the millions, food stamp program serving millions and millions of American children STARVING.  

Sorry just doesn't cut it, Goldman-Sachs
Those at the center who may have, in part, caused the crisis tend to benefit the most as we are seeing with the bonuses at Goldman-Sachs. ...

Larry:  My sentiments exactly!


Anonymous said...

Goldman's secret moral pathology
15 symptoms of a Wall Street disease destroying democracy and capitalism

The "Goldman Conspiracy" is the perfect B-school case study of Wall Street's secret contagious pathology, with insiders like Lloyd Blankfein, Henry Paulson and others pocketing billions more of the firm's profits than shareholders, evidence the new "mutant capitalism" has replaced Adam Smith's 1776 version which historically endowed the soul of American democracy as well as our capitalistic system.

Anonymous said...

Guest Post: Goldman Sachs Responds To The New York Times

For a firm that trumpets its risk management, Goldman seemed to present only one scenario on September 16, 2008. Lehman had just gone bankrupt, Bank of America had just agreed to takeover Merrill Lynch, and banks were starved for liquidity just like A.I.G. The banks’ TARP bailout had not yet occurred. I suggest that Goldman may be self-deluding with its claim to be stellar risk managers here: “I Retract My Apology and Call for More Regulation of Goldman Sachs.”

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