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Monday, November 2, 2009

Timothy Geithner: Goldman Sachs fink in the White House

There are many in America who do see the reality.  Many offer their comments and thoughts in their own blogs.  Some are more credible then others and some are just the voices of ordinary people.  All should be heard. 

We at do not endorse or promote the works of others but do make them available to you.  I ran across this site and found this post to be interesting enough to post here.

The title of this post is the actual title of the post in a blog called Future News Today.
I must say that there are certain points made that I do agree with and do believe.  But you be the judge.  Reprinted below is a graphic that Future News Today used and I find very interesting.  As I said in my previous post, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Could this be a picture of "The Knights Of The Round Table"?

Graphic from Future News Today

Today he showed his true stripes again. In what was apparently a private meeting with the Chicago Tribune's editorial board he let his guard down.
Geithner says bailout money well spent by Gail MarksJarvis

As U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner looks back at the efforts made by government to treat the financial crisis, he says "the money spent was very limited."

The comment might seem startling given his emphasis repeatedly on the need to pull back the nation's deficit once the economy is less "fragile" than it now is.  But as Geithner spoke with the Chicago Tribune's editorial board today, he said "I am deeply at peace with the necessity of what has been done" -- including the government's intervention in GM, investment banks, AIG and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  He emphasized that the money is getting repaid.
Still, Geithner notes that while there are "encouraging" signs in recent economic statistics, "unemployment probably will rise further." Although some analysts worry that the nation could be going through a "jobless recovery," Geithner says the recovery so far seems to be following a typical path.
Read the full here

There is definitely something amiss here in our country.  Wall Street is flourishing more then ever while the people on Main Street are struggling more then ever.

I ask, who is truly in charge here?

If, as Geithner says - and I do agree with him on this point -  "unemployment probably will rise further" then where is the recovery and who is recovering?

It seems like decisions are being made that only enhance Wall Street by people who are Wall Street.

We the people have many questions and it is our right to get answers.  Join us in our fight to sort out the truth and reclaim what is rightfully ours - our country, our economy and our freedom.


Frank Hope said...

Thanks for the star treatment. This is actually the second time one of my articles has graced the cover of GS666. The first time was for my article How Goldman Sachs whacked Bear Stearns.

I just want to let the folks at GS666 know how much I appreciate the work you do. I have been a fan ever since Mike Morgan first started the site. Keep up the good work. Your definitely having an impact. Just look at how GS has been forced to defend themselves in the court of public opinion. Of course we all wish they would be forced to defend themselves in a court of law. Take heart, because for the first time I truly feel that day is approaching.

I'm just a simple blogger expressing my opinions. My goal is to join my voice to the chorus of others and in this way make ourselves heard over the clamor of the MSM. The internet is our soapbox. It is our public square in which we have the opportunity to make ourselves heard. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this historic opportunity to truly exercise our freedom of speech.

Keep the internet FREE!!! Fight for the right to bear blogs. We need a Digital Bill of Rights to guarantee that no one can ever take away our right to free expression in cyberspace. Peace.

Larry Rubinoff said...

Feel free to send me more. Some may be relevant to our other blogs and I will post them there.
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Frank Hope said...

Thanks Larry
- Frank

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