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Friday, December 11, 2009

Goldman Sachs Links and News - December 9 - 10, 2009

As you will see, the news of the day is GS eliminating "cash" bonuses for many of its top exec's. Everybody - again as you will see - is talking about this. There are a few who are still talking about the GS gun toting employees but few report on the real issues of
Goldman Sachs.

We provide these daily links to allow you to view what is "out there" about GS. From the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal to Reuters and Bloomberg News as well as many bloggers and financial and economic blogs. Yet, with all the information out there, with the admission of Lloyd Blankfein that they caused the economic crisis and even offered an apology, NO ONE IS WRITING ABOUT IT!

Worse yet is the fact that NO ONE is taking legal action or initiating investigations. Where is our Justice Department? Where is our Congressional oversight? Where are our 50 states and their regulatory agencies? I just don't get how someone can admit to conning the world to the tune of trillions of dollars and then try to make amends by saying no cash for bonuses.

As to no cash for bonuses, don't be the least bit fooled by this new PR attack. At the rate they are manipulating, pillaging and profiting using free money, getting a dollars
worth of stock instead of the dollar in reality pays them MUCH MORE.

Unfortunately, most poeple in this country listen only to small sound bytes from our national media like NBC, CBS and ABC. Sure there is FOX and CNN but the big three have the market share and until they run the story at "the top of the hour", most Americans just don't know. They will not, so it is up to us in this world of the blogosphere to spread the word and the news around.

If you see a piece that you feel should be brought to the public's attention, email the link to We have the space and the desire to publish the truth and the facts.

Larry Rubinoff- Editor

Goldman Sachs Bars Cash Bonus for Top Officers
New York Times
Goldman Sachs execs won't get 2009 cash bonus
Washington Post
Goldman Sachs backs down on pay, yanks 2009 cash bonuses for top ...
By Sam Gustin
Goldman Sachs management won't get cash bonus - MarketWatchGoldman Sachs (GS) Management Will Get Shares Not Cash – 24/7 Wall St.
By 247wallst - No Christmas For Goldman Sachs Execs
Goldman Sachs Awards Billions of Dollars in Bonuses |
CORRECT: Goldman Sachs Top Execs Get No Cash Bonus For 2009
Wall Street Journal

Top 30 at Goldman Will Get Stock, Not Cash, as Bonus
New York Times
Goldman Sachs execs won't get 2009 cash bonus - Yahoo! News
Goldman Sachs | Press - Goldman Sachs Announces Changes To 2009 ...
Editor's Note: This is a GS PR piece.

Goldman Sachs's Top 30 Managers to Get Bonuses in Stock Only ...
[bn:WBTKR=GS:US] Goldman Sachs Group Inc. [], the most profitable securities firm in Wall Street history, said the firm's top 30 executives will receive ...
Are Goldman Sachs Bankers Really 'Loading Up On Firearms ...
By Jessica
Grant Lawrence--Bodhi Thunder: The United States of Goldman, Sachs
By Grant Lawrence
In view of Goldman, Sachs' pervasive influence over Washington and the bailout that benefitted it so extensively, America's name should be changed to the “United States of Goldman, Sachs,” a law school dean said. ...

Bankers at Goldman Sachs arming themselves in case of reprisal ...
By Truth is Contagious
Bankers at Goldman Sachs arming themselves in case of reprisal ...
Are Goldman Sachs Bankers Really Carrying Guns?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Goldman Sachs to tinker with payout percentages?
So far this year, Goldman Sachs (GS) has set aside nearly 50 percent of revenue for compensation and benefits. That's historically high. ...

Goldman Sachs Says You and I are Wrong. (We're Not)
SEIU (blog)
Goldman Taking 'Hard Look' at Pay, Board Member Says
Goldman Sachs (GS) is robbing the cradle for top trading talent ...
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