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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goldman Sachs Links and News - December 15, 2009

This first link is from the United Kingdom (our previous owners before Goldman Sachs).  It follows the comment made in yesterday's Links and News about who was absent at Obama's bankster meeting.
Just how difficult is it to travel the 204 miles from New York to Washington in time for a 11am appointment on a Monday morning? Eyebrows were raised this week when the bosses of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley failed to make it to the capital for a meeting with President Obama, citing "fog" which disrupted flights.
But here is a comment made by NY Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin which I think makes the point of the absence.
...the New York Times, Andrew Ross Sorkin wonders whether their no-show was a subtle sign of a shift in power - a "hint of who's boss" as banks repay bail-out money and free themselves of government shackles. (emphasis added)
Very clearly, a no show for a meeting with the President of the United States (no matter what you think of him) is a loud and clear message that, "Mr. President, you are our stooge".

While the meeting was reportedly non eventful and the strong tone President Obama used on his 60 Minutes CBS interview was said to have been much milder, actions often do speak louder tehn words.  And the actions of the MIA spoke much louder then anything Obams said.

Once again, I see a struggle for power between a few banksters and our government up to an dincluding the Presidency.  the banksters are winning.  "All Hail Goldman Sachs"!!!

Final note:  Please notice that as I reported in a previous post, this news comes from abroad.  The world is watching very closely.  Why? 

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GS666 Editor Note:  Zerohedge does pose a very interesting quetions  To view here:
...we would like to pose a question to Mr. van Praag which we hope Goldman will answer for us in order to refute our observation that Goldman may be disingenuous in its public statements.
How to Profit Goldman Sachs Evil Genius :: The Market Oracle ...

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Anonymous said...

Truthful comments like this never make it to the mainstream press:

Americans are feeling furious. These TARP paybacks are absurd. We even hear the Treasury Secretary talk about the “profit” we made. This is such nonsense for the above reasons. This isn’t like banks went out and created new products and sold them on the market for a benefit to society. What they did is they went back to the casino and made gigantic bets that paid off. The problem of course is those bets were financed by the American taxpayer. Trillions in bailouts still remain outstanding. A few trillion sit on the books of the Fed. What have they taken for collateral? They don’t want to open up their books because what we will find will horrify the public. Toxic mortgages, questionable loans, and other securitized junk that was exchanged for U.S. Treasuries.

Is it any wonder why the dollar is being pummelled? We are slowly being robbed by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Who needs conspiracy theories or back room talks when they are doing it right in front of our eyes?


Dear CIGA Udor,

The inviting question is if the banks made these bets and won, where are all the losers? An entire industry cannot all go the same way.

The bets are not from the few to the many, but would have to be from the few to the few.

The inviting conclusion goes back to a relatively cashless financial industry recovery as a product of the capitulation of FASB to the Banksters, allowing them to sin freely again with impunity by marking up their crap paper and declaring that mark up a trading or inventory profit.

The TARP is being paid back so that the Banksters can pay themselves whatever they wish without some government Czar opining.

The replacement of TARP is a product of selling stock, floating other loans and selling assets. What kind of recovery is that? This action results is a zero sum, only shifting of the donors.

This is not an example of the rebuilding of a putrid system. Rather it is Pretend and Extend with bonuses coming more from the mark up of crap to real new business and great trading skills.

Anonymous said...

Squeeze The People –

Squeeze the People is the most sincere act of patriotism I can offer to my fellow neighbor. It is an album of Freedom Music of the People who are being squeezed to death by Fat Cat Wall Street banksters. Its purpose is to encourage alternative perspective and hopefully a greater sense of things. I invite you to listen. And please know that I am grateful for your time, because time is the most valuable commodity we have to share.

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