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Monday, December 21, 2009

Goldman Sachs Links and News - December 21, 2009

Goldman Sachs Capital PartnersImage via Wikipedia
US taxpayers helping Goldman Sachs move in to gleaming tower, too
BloggingStocksDoug Kass' 2010 Predictions: Goldman Goes Private, Buffett Steps Down and ...
Goldman Sachs PAC spreads the wealth
Goldman Sachs Responds To London Rumors: Fact-Based Journalism In ...
By Joe Weisenthal
New York Magazine
Goldman Warns London Over Taxes
New York Times
Taxpayers Help Goldman Reach Height of Profit in New Skyscraper
Goldman Sachs looks to Spain on bonus tax
Banking Times
It's Goldman Vs. London As Bank Threatens To Move Employees To ...
By Joe Weisenthal
Firedoglake » Spitzer, Partnoy, Black Call for AIG Open Source ...
By Yves Smith
IMHOTEP: Goldman Sachs and lessons to be learned
Goldman Sachs sued over expected bonuses - BloggingStocks 
TARP official Neel Kashkari's work doesn't warrant gratitude
Washington Post
University Diaries » University Presidents Who Waste Time Sitting ...
By Margaret Soltan
Protestors sang Christmas Carols to Goldman Sachs employees and ...
By Daniel
Goldman Sachs bonuses: more than just bad PR
Christian Science Monitor 

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