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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goldman Sachs Links and News - January 12, 2010

Goldman Sachs Capital PartnersImage via Wikipedia
Executive Giving at Goldman Sachs
3BL MediaGoldman Acknowledges Conflicts With Clients
New York Times (blog)
Goldman Readies Bonus Bonanza, Braces for Backlash
ABC News
Goldman Sachs charity initiative coming
Goldman Sachs Bonuses: A Good Idea?
 Hey, Goldman Sachs bankers: Donate to News food drive so we can like you, not ...
New York Daily News
 Financial crisis commission to grill Wall St.
San Francisco Chronicle
 Andrew Cuomo Eyes Bonuses at Goldman Sachs and Other Wall Street Banks
Greenberg Raps Goldman's Role in AIG Meltdown
Goldman Sachs Can't Please All of the People Any of the Time ...
By Jessica Pressler 
Wall Street Manna: The latest edicts from Goldman Sachs; after all ...
By Palmoni 
Editorial: Financial Crisis Theater Starring - Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), Bank ...
American Banking News
Don McNay: A Dream that Main Street answer Wall Street and ...
Al Jazeera English - Americas - Goldman Sachs sued over bonuses
Bonus Season Backlash
ABC News
Banks ditching bonus schemes, report shows
Irish Times
A Dream that Main Street answer Wall Street and Washington
Huffington Post (blog)
Wall Street Triage: Was Lehman Sacrificed So That AIG Had To Be Bailed Out?
Huffington Post (blog)
How the teamsters beat Goldman Sachs
By Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
Former AIG chief takes shot at Goldman Sachs | World of Ulysses
By admin
Banks prepare to hand out big bonuses
Goldman Sachs Shareholders Object to Ginormous Banker Bonuses ... 
Hank Greenberg Tells WSJ Goldman Sachs Is Responsible for AIG's ...
By admin 
For Top Bonuses on Wall Street, 7 Figures or 8?
New York Times
Bank CEOs to answer for financial crisis
Can AIG Be Saved?
Wall Street Journal
Editorial Comment by Larry Rubinoff 
Bonuses, bonuses and more stories about bonuses.  Is everyone missing the point here?  Why is this story still so prevalent in our media and even in our independent blogs?  Where are all the investigative reporters or are they all being tempered by these "TBTF" companies who allow them to write about their bonuses which has little effect on their actions to continue to pay them out?

As I post these news links I look for evidence of reporting on the criminal activity, corruption and government complicity.  Yet, I see very little of this.  Yes, there is the story of the shareholder suit and the story of the Teamsters Union and its boss, Hoffa, fighting Goldman Sachs.  There is a little bit of reporting on Andrew Cuomo, the New York State Attorney General digging into Goldman's affairs but this issue is much larger then what is being reported.

People of America, there is a major political transformation occurring here and I don't mean the election of Barack Obama as our President.  The change, as I have written in the past is the corporate takeover of our country.  Democrats and Republicans alike are complicit in this "silent revolution".  Our executive branch by virtue of various members of the cabinet and advisors to the President indicate complicity and conspiracy.  Where is the real outrage by the American people?  We seem to just sit back and allow this revolution to go unchallanged.

We know that there is a very definitive effort - a successful effort - to transfer the majority of the people's wealth to a handful of "elite".  When it is all said and done we, the people, will have nothing left and I am not speaking about money.  We are losing - giving up = our freedoms and rights granted us under our Constitution.  We are giving up - without a fight - the opportunities this country has offered.  We are giving up our children's  future

I challenge our media to come to the forefront of this revolution, it is in their best interest.  While these large companies may spend a lot of money on advertising it is still the people who must purchase their goods and services.  If there is no wealth left amongst the majority then all the advertising in the world cannot create spending.  So WAKE UP MEDIA, expose the truth - it is your obligation to do so.

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