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Friday, January 29, 2010

Goldman Sachs Links and News - January 28, 2010

Goldman Sachs Capital PartnersImage via Wikipedia
Goldman Sachs on the ropes - FP Trading Desk
By David PettNo Bonus? No Problem! Goldman Sachs Offers Mortgages to Cash ...
Goldman Sachs, a bank apart?
Goldman may dodge Obama crackdown
Daily Mail
Boston Activists Rally at Goldman Sachs | Jobs with Justice Blog
By jwjnational 
'Regulators soft on Goldman Sachs'
Economic Times
Greek Finance Minister Denies Bailout Talks
Wall Street Journal
The Next Subpoena For Goldman Sachs (GS) (press release)
 A government gift to Goldman Sachs?
Geithner's Gift To Goldman Sachs - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime
By Big Tent Democrat 
'I think it was a terrible decision on your part'
Boston Globe
Goldman Sachs Viewed as Favored by Regulators, Fed E-mail Says
Subpoenaed Documents Show Goldman Sachs Offered to 'Tear Up' AIG ...
By ilene9 
Geithner Blasted by Rep. Lynch on Goldman Sachs
By Joe
Goldman Sachs Exposed: Wall St Onion: When life is stranger than ...
By patrick the painte
Goldman's Friedman Says He Didn't Favor Bank at Fed
Thomas Friedman on Goldman Sachs :: The Future of Capitalism
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman
AIG – Goldman Sachs – MSM – Scandal | novatownhall blog
By jacob 
House Panel's Other Punching Bag: Goldman
New York Times (blog)
Kucinich Questioning Probes Goldman Sachs/AIG Myth:
Common Dreams (press release)
The Ascension of Volker and Battle Between JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs
Before It's News
Wall Street Manna: Another $8 billion bail-out for Goldman Sachs?
By Palmoni 
 Goldman Sachs to sell its toilet water to Fed for 12 billion ...
By oldatlantic
Obama's Inadvertent Gift to Goldman
New York Times (blog)
Goldman Sachs to go private?
Goldman Sachs Will Lose Access To The Discount Window Under The Volcker Rule
The Business Insider

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Anonymous said...

It's no secret people built fiefdoms off this conspiracy...these men are not of honor but greed:

Secret Deals Involving No One; AIG Coverup Conspiracy Unravels
Strange Conspiracy Involving No One

* Geithner recused himself although there is no record of it.
* Paulson knows nothing about it and was not in the loop
* Bernanke either does not remember and/or was not involved.

Amazingly this conspiracy involves no one. It is a historic event. Hundred billion dollar bailout decisions just happened. No one made them, no one was responsible for them, and no one was in the loop, yet all those not involved agree the process must be kept secret.

Anonymous said...

Did you really think they were that more talented than the rest of the street?

31 January 2010
Front-Running the Markets And the Sickness Unto Death

From James Rickards, The Frog, The Scorpion, and Goldman Sachs:

"Now consider another example of data mining, not done by retail firms, but by giant investment banks such as Goldman Sachs. These banks have thousands of customers transacting in trillions of dollars in stocks, bonds, commodities and foreign exchange daily. By using systems with anodyne names like SecDB, Goldman not only sees the transaction flows but some of the outright positions and whether they are bullish or bearish. Data mining techniques are just as effective for this market information as they are for Google, Amazon, Wal-Mart and others. It’s not necessary to access individual accounts to be useful. The data can be aggregated so that the bank can look at positions on a portfolio basis without knowing the name of each customer.

Anonymous said...

Check To Obama: Lloyd To Get $100 Million Bonus

“This is Lloyd thumbing his nose at Obama,” said a banker at one of Goldman’s rivals.

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