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Friday, February 12, 2010

Goldman Sachs caught cheating.....surprised?

This is how they roll in the UK. Why are Americans so lame? Too busy watching Idol?

They ask you at the end to vote on whether the RobinHood tax is a good idea. Guess who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs, clicking in the votes?

With hindsight, perhaps it should have looked fishy from the start that the ­British public had decided to take sides with the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Campaigners for a "Robin Hood tax" watched with alarm as thousands of votes poured into their website, rejecting their proposal for a levy on City wheeler-dealing, to raise money to fight poverty and climate change.

After a bit more investigation, though, the unlikely backlash against the rob-the-rich plan – almost 5,000 no votes against the Robin Hood tax within 20 minutes – turned out to emanate from just two computer servers, one of which was registered to the investment bank Goldman Sachs.


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Anonymous said...

Cheating...surprised? the contrary..its modus operandi is cheating
This story:
Sergey Aleynikov: 'Goldman Sachs Spy' INDICTED, Allegedly Stole Data On Bank's Secret Trading Platform

has been around a long time...does anyone G.A.S?

listen to Max

Goldman Sachs market manipulating software stolen by Sergey Aleynikov

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