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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goldman Sachs Links and News - February 17, 2010

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Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.Greece's Currency Swap Draws New Scrutiny
Wall Street Journal
Goldman Sachs Sues 7 Managers for Credit Suisse Move
Merkel Slams Greek 'Scandal' as Attention Turns to Goldman Role
Greece, Goldman Sachs 'Fooled' Investors By Not Disclosing Huge ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors 
Goldman Sachs spends $690000 to lobby government
BusinessWeek   GS666 comment:  ONLY!
Greek finmin says 2001 Goldman Sachs debt deal legal
Robert Scheer: It's Greek to Goldman Sachs
By Robert Scheer
Goldman Sachs the Greek connection Business News Business The ...

Editor's Comment:
Grease spilling (GS) out everywhere.  The dominant headlines - as you can see - is the Goldman Sachs/Greece conspiracy(?).  Many are asking, what in the world are they up to and just how far reaching are their "vampire squid" tentacles?

Remember the old "Where's Waldo", that complex picture where you had to find him?  "Where's Goldman Sachs" is a much easier picture to find them in.  They are simply everywhere.

Being an international corporation in today's global economy is not unusual. What is unusual is how much power one or any American corporation has in other economies and governments.  

Are we truly seeing the beginning stages of a true New World Order with a One World Government perhaps led by the likes of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan for economics and a corporation such as Halliburton (V.P. Dick Cheney's old company now no longer an American corporation but a Dubai company) in charge of security, police and military?

I wonder, as other research I have done into the Federal Reserve, the Rothschild family and the Bilderberg group all lead to that conclusion.  Not that the research and reports - some aired on several TV programs -  specifically name GS as a participant  or leader but there certainly seems to be enough circumstantial information that could lead to a conclusion like that.  A New World Order is brewing out there and being worked on diligently by parties unknown (just like the owners of our Federal Reserve are unknown..hmmm.).

There are conspiracy theories and theri are conspiracy theories - many of which are just that, theories.  Yet there is some conclusive information that begins to add some validity to other of the theories.

Greece faces some very real and difficult situations which will have a very real and negative affect on other European countries be they in the EU or not.  Germany seems to be eyed as a "savior" to bail out Greece as others like France and England are demanding answers.  Somehow I feel confident that Germany specifically and the other nations will shed a great deal of light on our dear friends at Goldman Sachs. 

This Greek tragedy may well play out to our advantage and benefit as it may open Pandora's box for all of us to look into.  It may well answer the many questions we here all have.  who is Goldman Sachs?  How much political power do they have?  Who do they control?

I await with baited breath Mr. Lucas Von Praag's  playbill commentary.  He is now, as you may know, a welcome blog contributor to the Huffington Post.  I welcome his comments here as well and would publish articles he would submit).

Stay tuned.  This is just Act I of this Greek play.

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Anonymous said...

Taibbi: "Goldman Raped The Taxpayer, And Raped Their Clients"
Wall Street's Bailout Hustle

Goldman Sachs and other big banks aren't just pocketing the trillions we gave them to rescue the economy - they're re-creating the conditions for another crash

Anonymous said...

Play this while reading Taibbi's article:


GOLDMAN STING III (the "Big Payout")

Anonymous said...

The War on Consumers and Labor Heats Up
Wall Street Moves in for the Kill


Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson wrote an op-ed in The New York Times yesterday, February 16 outlining how to put the U.S. economy on rations. Not in those words, of course. Just the opposite: If the government hadn’t bailed out Wall Street’s bad loans, he claims, “unemployment could have exceeded the 25 per cent level of the Great Depression.” Without wealth at the top, there would be nothing to trickle down.

The reality, of course, is that bailing out casino capitalist speculators on the winning side of A.I.G.’s debt swaps and CDO derivatives didn’t save a single job. It certainly hasn’t lowered the economy’s debt overhead. But matters will soon improve, if Congress will dispel the present cloud of “uncertainty” as to whether any agency less friendly than the Federal Reserve might regulate the banks.

As Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel put it, a crisis is too good a thing to waste. Having created the crisis, Wall Street wants to use its momentum to knock out any potential checks to its power. “No systemic risk regulator, no matter how powerful, can be relied on to see everything and prevent future problems,” Paulson explained. “That’s why our regulatory system must reinforce the responsibility of lenders, investors, borrowers and all market participants to analyze risk and make informed decisions,” In other words, blame the victims! The way to protect victims of predatory bank lending (and crooked sales of junk securities) is not new regulations but just the opposite: “to simplify the patchwork quilt of regulatory agencies and improve transparency so that consumers and investors can punish excesses through their own informed investing decisions.” Simplification means the Fed, not a Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Anonymous said...

Heat On Fed Picks Up As Darrell Issa Demands Full Production Of All AIG-Related Records

In addition, in a parallel letter to Edolphus Towns, Issa says: "it is imperative that the Committee obtain all information in the possession of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Treasury Department related to the AIG bailout, including the decision to pay AIG's counterparties at par and subsequent efforts to prevent disclosure of information related to the payments. Senator Jim Bunning, who is familiar with documents in the possession of the Board of Governors, publicly stated that the Board of Governors is in possession of documents that show troubling details about Chairman Bernanke's role in the AIG bailout. As I wrote to you on January 26, 2010, my office has received information from a whistleblower that confirms Senator Bunning's public statements. We now know from several sources that both the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are in possession of documents that are essential to inform the Committee's investigation."

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