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Friday, March 5, 2010

Goldman Sachs Links and News - March 5, 2010 = with Larry's Corner

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Larry's Corner will feature 4 videos that have been circulating the net.  The first titled, "Goldman Sucks" is a "video is a visualization of Matt Taibbi's "The Great American Bubble Machine" It has been cut down slightly to fit the 10 minute time" as published on YouTube.  The other three are video responses to the first one.  They are humerous yet factual and we here at GoldmanSachs666 would be remiss not to publish them for your viewing and entertainment.
Have a great weekend.  A little humor is always a good way to end - what for many - has been a stressful week. 

Now the links:
Financial Warfare Exposed: Soros, Goldman Sachs, Hedge Funds ...
By Rohl 
Could Goldman Sachs Do to California What It Did to Greece?
California Progress Report
The Glazers, Goldman and Man U
The Daily Deal
t r u t h o u t | Jim Hightower | Goldman Sachs Authors a Greek ...
Goldman Sachs, Chase, AmEx Make Top 50 'Most Admired ...(GS666 comment WOW!)

Never mind that they may be associated with the financial crisis, bailouts and credit card rate hikes...
JPMorgan bests Goldman Sachs in banking
FierceFinance  (GS666 Comment:  See for more on JP.  Not much is published about them but they are a paternal twin of GS...another vampire squid whose tentacles do reach and affect the general population)
How the Monsters at Goldman Sachs Caused a Greek Tragedy | America ...
Will Bad Press Affect Goldman Sachs's Fortunes?
Goldman Sachs: The Reputation You Deserve : NO QUARTER
By Larry Doyle 
Larry's Corner
Goldman Sachs Facts with Humor... in video

Goldman Sucks


Response Vidio 2:  (1:43) GOLDMAN STING PART I (The Model)

Respnse Video 3: (2:46)  Goldman Sting II

Hope you enjoyed the show
Have A Great Weekend
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Kitty said...

I'm looking at the title of the first article, but at the moment don't have time to read it.

Soros was bashing EUR in an interview a few days ago. If he's short in EUR, this is blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

In another impassioned interview Gerald discusses brand new update of “THE TRENDS JOURNAL” in which he discusses his being in Chile when the earthquake hit, how to prepare for new-survivalism, what to do in a crisis, a warning for listeners, the Federal Reserve as well as corruption, Goldman Sachs involvement in Greece and more.

Anonymous said...

All those toxic assets Paulson saved are still there and she's scared.....
Charlie Rose with Elizabeth Warren
on Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anonymous said...

This pretty much sums it all up...

Joe Stiglitz Slaps The Invisible Hand

So there you have it - generations of economists brought up on flawed concepts, eagerly and blindly perpetuating the flaws with each new generation (and charging $50k a year in the process). Yet the notable issue here is, assuming one agrees with Stiglitz, that markets are imperfect, and benefit banks, precisely because banks, due to their unprecedented size and trading monopoly, now have unparalleled asymmetric information access, thereby cementing their position as the most lucrative establishments in the history of capitalism, which coupled with a government's unwillingness to touch these firms for fear of an imaginary Nuclear Holocaust, will likely persist as such until the onset of the real WWIII.

Once again we repeat what we have been saying on so many occasions before: banks, and here we envision Goldman Sachs, are now monopolistic institutions, whose existence leads to nothing less than their own incremental growth until such time as all competition is stifled and the firm iteslef implodes like a supernova. In the meantime, the management team (and equityholders if they are lucky to be repeatedly bailed out any time the firm's VaR models end up being horrendously wrong, see the following interview by Kathryn Welling with Jim Rickards) gets richer and richer, even as market participants (doomed from the beginning incipient retail and institutional competitors to the monopolist), and taxpayers (unwitting providers of bailout capital) just get poorer and poorer, until the inevitable revolution restores the status quo. As always - we request the attention of Christine Varney, and the entire anti-trust arm of the US government, in claiming that Goldman Sachs has to be dismantled forcefully (as it will not happen voluntarily) before the societal implications of Goldman's size become a destabilizing factor and potentially lead to war: civil or otherwise. In the meantime, Goldman's warehousing of, and trading on, "asymmetric" information will continue, and be a persistent ridicule to wooden economists, who are still stuck with 18th century concepts of reality.

Anonymous said...

As time marches on, I look forward to this stupid site shutting down and GS living on. It is truly amazing what gets published on the internet - I'm well aware of the purpose of this website to educate the population on how GS plays the system but come on now - I think we all know that in the end nothing shall come of this site and GS will continue to be one of the top companies to work for.

BTW what happened to Mike Morgan's short position on GS stock? It use to be displayed prominently at the top of this site...hahah how much money did he loose on that position?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous on March 7, 2010 11:30 PM "
I'm well aware of the purpose of this website to educate the population on how GS plays the system but come on now - I think we all know that in the end nothing shall come of this site and GS will continue to be one of the top companies to work for."

Must feel good to live in a country where people can buy their way out of trouble...where laws are designer paid?....must feel good to know when a certain class of citizen has tentacles into the government they can make the rules to benefit themselves and their cronies...

Must make you feel good that ordinary people go to fight our wars and safeguard the homeland...some of those who die or are maimed .... return to see a country desecrated by others greed..

I really don't see why your laughing...unless you happen to work at Goldman?

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