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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Goldman Sachs Links and News - March21 , 2010

Ward Report: What part of Goldman Sachs is good for the Country?
By Don 
Tahoe is Walking On: What Part of Goldman Sachs is Good (for this ...
By Tahoe 
Goldman executives benefit from fund investments
Financial Times
'Bangalore has been a great success story for Goldman Sachs'
Economic Times
Does Michael Lewis' Harvard Thesis Exonerate Goldman? | www ...
By marketmaker 
H. Lee Scott, Jr. Nominated for Election to the Goldman Sachs ...

Feature Story 
Goldman Sachs Caught with Hand in Cookie Jar | The Economy Collapse...a video embed 
..."the stockholders owne the company not the employees.."
..."they are gambling.."
A media video saying things we have all said before. Watch and listen.

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