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Monday, March 1, 2010

Goldman Sachs Links and News - Weekend Edition -- February 28, 2010 With Commentary

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Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.SANDERS: The EU factor in the euro crisis
Washington Times
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By Ken Nowak 
Time for Goldman to Come Clean
New York Times
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Too Big To Fail As A National Policy In America
Gov Monitor
Goldman Sachs looks clean
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By hvactec Kevin Connor: Goldman's Role in Greek Crisis Is Proving Too Ugly ...Kevin Connor: Goldman's Role in Greek Crisis Is Proving Too Ugly ...
Washington Abadons Greece: Beware of Geeks Bearing Grifts
Huffington Post (blog)
Greek deal puts Goldman Sachs in the firing line – again | America ...
By admin 
Goldman Sachs: Betting the Patient Will Die | The Ruth Group
By Will Kirkland 
Editor's Comment:

The big news last week was from Bernanke saying that the Fed and SEC will be investigation Goldman Sachs and others(?) 0 they never really said who - for their role in bringing down Greece.  As I said in my related post earlier in the week, I believe it when I see it and when some definitive, punitive actions are taken.

During the height of the "mortgage meltdown" , the FBI said they were investigating 17 banks and lenders for their part in bringing down the mortgage industry - which we all now know brought our entire country down.  That announcement by the FBI was in late 2007 or early 2008, yet to this day, there has been no further information on this "so called" investigation and dtill no one knows who those being investigated  were.

But back on point, if The Fed and SEC are investigating GS and others for something that happened overseas, would you not think that they would first spend the energy and focus on these same types of actions here in this country.  Goldman Sachs's, Lloyd Blankfein, even admitted to their role in causing the is economic crisis.

My take on these announcements of investigations are that they come from a propaganda machine similar to what we saw in the old Soviet Union.  In addition what I take from tkis is that the banking cartel led by the "vampire squid" has total control of our government and over our non government and privately owned Federal Reserve.

I believe now, that where ever there are large amounts of dollars at stake the "cartel" is active in guiding any legislation, reform or policy.  Banking, insurance , health care - the three largest industries in this country - are all in this together and, as with all organizations working together, they must have a leader.

We are taking an unofficial poll - see the sidebar to the right - as to who you feel is in control of our government.  The outcome - while not scientific or controlled - should be interesting.

So, as the world reels from earthquakes and tsunami's where millions of people are hurt and affected - real tragedies  - the volcanic eruption and lava flow of propaganda (BS) continues here at home where millions of people are hurt and affected - real tragedies -  with no help in sight.  It is still - and will continue to be - business as usual for our Too Big To Fail, manipulative and morally corrupt.
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Anonymous said...

I guess you could file this under we're not very interested in what you think?
Goldman board rejects shareholder demands on pay
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc's (GS.N) board has rejected demands from shareholders that the firm investigate recent compensation awards, recoup excessive compensation and reform pay practices.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the truth hurts...sometimes rich big boys do cry!

Goldman Says Matt Taibbi, Zero Hedge, Louise Story, And Janet Tavakoli Have Become Risks To Its Business

Anonymous said...

If Goldman Gets Slammed In The Greece Fiasco, The Taxpayer Will Be On The Hook

I asked Chairman Bernanke about Federal Reserve agreements with foreign central banks and if he had had any conversations about bailing out Greece, which he flatly denied. However, he recently announced that the Federal Reserve will be looking into Goldman Sachs’ derivative agreements with Greece. Goldman Sachs, as we know, has “too big to fail” status with the Fed, so it is conceivable that any Greece-related catastrophic losses at Goldman Sachs will once again be passed on to taxpayers.

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