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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goldman Sachs Links and News - Weekend Edition -- March 28, 2010

Larry's Corner
Many of you enjoy our daily News Links feature and visit us daily for the latest in Goldman news.  You have probably noticed that we have not posted any since last Monday, March 22nd and I felt I owed all of you loyal followers an explanation.  So here it is.

I had a heart attack last Tuesday, March 23rd.  I know it is not a very good excuse for not posting but quite honestly, I just didn't feel up to it.  Seriously though, I was fortunate in that I was in the Emergency Room when "the big one" struck and that - according to one of the doctors - probably saved my life.  I was actually waiting in the ER to be admitted for "observation" as initially they found no visible signs of any heart problems - until I actually had an attack right then and there.  They moved quickly, moved me to the Cardiac Cath Lab and inserted a stent in the one artery that was causing the immediate blockage.  The good news, I was released Thursday and feel fine - though my physical activities are limited.  Fortunately, I have no restrictions on the use of my fingers so I can now continue my work here at GS666.  The "good" bad news is that in about 4 weeks I will have to undergo open heart bypass surgery to replace the other damaged and clogged arteries.  I imagine at that point I will be absent from here for a couple of weeks.  However, they tell me the recovery period is quick and I should feel like a "new" person afterwords.

While I am not looking forward to this event, I am looking forward to my renewed lease on life and my continued work here and our other blog sites.

It is ironic that our founder and previous publisher, Mike Morgan, had the same problem which caused his departure - per his doctor's orders.  Last I heard, he is doing well leading a less stressful life.  I wish him, as I am sure all of you do as well, continued good health.

Thanks to all of you as well for your continued following especially since I took the reins here at GS and all the other 666 sites.


Paul Volcker Must Tell Obama To Strengthen Chris Dodd's Wall Street Reform Bill
Huffington Post (blog)
Goldman Sachs is in the middle of it, as usual
NASA's Mission To Nowhere: New Space Agency Priorities Leave Rocket Launcher ...
Huffington Post (blog)
... from the Kennedy man-moon mission and so what are supposed to do now? ...keep bailing out worthless derivatives and credit-default swaps @Goldman Sachs? ...
Bonjour Planet Earth: The perks of being a Goldman Sachs kid...
By tony 
The search for the Holy Grail between my ears: Goldman Sachs' Hu ...
By Mr Negative
US take if it sells its Citi stake to settle cost of bailout: $8 billion
Washington Post
Leading financial firms, including JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, are vying to be chosen as the deal's underwriters to gain the prestige ...
Fired From the “Mommy Track”
New York Times (blog)
The former vice president of Goldman Sachs Group filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court
By (author unknown) 
Goldman Sachs Is Lured to Warsaw by $10 Billion of Government ...
Goldman Sachs, $2 Billion From a League Tables Sweep
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Goldman Sachs' controversial 'mommy-track'
The Week Magazine
Former Goldman Sachs vice president Charlotte Hanna has filed a lawsuit against the financial giant, claiming she suffered discrimination
Goldman Seeks Piece of $10 Billion Polish Pie
Nonprofit Newswire | Goldman Sachs' Blankenfein Doing “God's Work?”
The Nonprofit QuarterlyNew York Times (blog)
Richard (RJ) Eskow: Meg Whitman's Shady Goldman Sachs Past — Is It ...
By Richard (RJ) Eskow Richard (RJ) Eskow: Meg Whitman's Shady Goldman Sachs Past — Is It ...
By Daily Newspaper 
Goldman Sachs' Hu may join China central bank (source: Market ...
By Editor 
Goldman Sachs Demands Collateral It Won't Dish Out (Update1 ...
Goldman Sachs Demands Collateral It Won't Dish Out (Update1) -
The Morning Leverage: Corzine Back On The Street
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Meg Whitman's Shady Goldman Sachs Past -- Is It California's Future?
Huffington Post (blog)
Bob Chapman : JP Morgan Goldman Sachs Citi are shorting gold and ...
By Blog Admin
Greece and Italy should have never qualify for the Euro zone , Greece was bankrupt ten years ago , Goldman Sachs set them up with the derivatives to hide their real debt
Is Goldman Going To Greece California? | The Agonist
Goldman Sachs thinks unwashed construction workers capping RWS ...
By uncletrader 
It’s simply excellent how Goldman has managed to dress up xenophobia AND racism as “shareholder value maximization”. Amazing what you can get out of a Harvard MBA.


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Get well soon!

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Larry wishing you a speedy recovery...

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