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Monday, July 12, 2010

Aggregating News on Goldman Sachs

We here at have been following the news and developments at Goldman Sachs for quite some time now.  We knew from the beginning and still know today, that GS has adversly affected our way of life here in America as well as abroad.

We believe, or shall I say I believe, that GS was a large part of the cause of the economic meltdown worldwide.  To be fair, GS was not alone, as most of Wall Street took part in this debacle.  Goldman was just, in my opinion, one of the leaders if not the leader of the pack.

When Goldman spoke or acted, everyone listened and participated.  Even today, when Goldman offers an opinion the markets rally to the tune of their fiddler.

But look around.  Look around online, on cable TV, on network TV and even on the internet.  The story of how we were all brought to our knees, lost our retirement incomes, lost our life savings and devastated government - local, state and foreign - has faded.

How short an  attention span we as people seem to have.  We are a 21st century society more consumed by toys and gadgets then by world events that affect our everyday lives.

The misery in Haiti continues and recent reports - there have been some in the past few days - indicate that little has changed since the earthquake six months ago.  Well over a million and a half people still homeless, not to mention the number of children, CHILDREN, devastated, homeless, alone and lost.  Reports say only one tenth of the aid promised has reached the people.  TRAGIC!

The news of the aftermath of Katrina has faded into oblivion even though their is so much more that needs to be done.  Once in  a while there is a story of how well the French Quarter is doing but other than the occasional visit from Anderson Cooper of AC360 on CNN, little is ever reported on the lack of rebuilding.  After how many years now?

Now to the Oil Spill, dubbed The Crisis in the Gulf.  Yes, it consumes our daily headlines as it rightfully should but not at the expense of all other news and events here and abroad and certainy not to the exclusion of the economic meltdown we are still living through as a result of crimes committed by Wall Street that are going not only unpunished but currently unnoticed.

The Oil Spill is a disaster of unprecedented proportions but so too was the worldwide economic meltdown in which Goldman Sachs can be considered the equivalent of BP when it comes to placing blame.

Is our 21st Century society suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder?  Are we taking too many prescription drugs that are promoted on TV more than real news?  Are we being dumbed down and drugged down as a manipulative maneuver?  Now there's a conspiracy theory for you.

This rant of mine is a departure from our normal routine of reporting on Goldman Sachs but as I said, it is becoming more difficult to link to articles that disclose the truth.  The story is not dead yet, it is still out there and viable.  It just does not seem to attract enough advertisers to make it profitable enough to give it air time.

We here at are not here for profit.  We are here for justice and truth.  There must be others out there who are like minded and perhaps have some first hand knowledge of the activities of Goldman Sachs and other banksters.  If you are out there, I would love to hear you story.  You can remain anonymous as most of you do when you comment here.

Email me at with your story and information.  There is much work that still needs to be done to bring justice and truth to all the people of the world and to bring to an end the ability of those who would take advantage by claiming the are Too Big Too Fail.

There should never be a corporation that holds us hostage, deprives us of our rights while profiting at the expense of the rest.  There should be no financial elite that holds that much power over a nation and a world.

Send me your stories about Goldman Sachs.


Anonymous said...

Listen to this and you will understand why the people always get the short end of stick and "the goldman's" of the world rule you. No representation!

Dylan Ratigan Wants To Know How Jobs Can Ever Be Created With ‘The Insolvent Banking System Sucking Up All The Money Like A Giant Squid’

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