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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

..Goldman Sachs Links and News - July 20, 2010

Goldman Sachs: 'Too Big To Prosecute' | The Public Record
By The Public RecordWatch Goldman Sachs: The True Winners of the SEC Case - StockRants ...
By StocksonWallStreet
Goldman settlement won't help earnings
More on the Goldman/SEC Settlement: On Lawyers, Votes & Strategy
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Sen. Levin on Goldman Sachs: Whether or not someone goes to jail is going to ...
Washington Post (blog)
Goldman's Tourre Denies SEC's Allegations
Wall Street Journal
Getting Into Goldman Using ETFs
Forbes (blog) 
Goldman Sachs General Counsel Got $38.3M in Midst of 2008 Crisis ...
Goldman Sachs profits hit by bonus tax and SEC fine
BBC News
Goldman Sachs Profit Drops 82%, Missing Estimates
Washington Post
Canadian Stocks Fall on Goldman Sachs Earnings, US Housing
Fennebresque Discusses Goldman's Profit, SEC Settlement: Video
Washington Post
Goldman Sachs Lost Money Betting Volatility Would Drop in Second Quarter
BloombergGoldman Sachs Pays For Fraud - CBS News Video
CBS News video
World markets dive on soft Goldman Sachs earnings
The Associated Press
 Goldman Sachs Swaps Rise After Profit Falls More Than Estimates
July 20 (Bloomberg) -- Credit-default swaps on Goldman Sachs Group Inc. increased after the bank reported second- quarter profit that fell

McCormick Sees `Significant Hurdles' Ahead for Goldman: Video

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