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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

..Goldman Sachs Links and News - July 28, 2010

Was Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) the Biggest Winner in the AIG Bailout ...
By Alex
Banks Charge States Millions in Debt Binge to Fix Subprime Bust
Martin's state, with the nation's second-highest home- foreclosure rate after Nevada, paid Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and other ...

Sorkin: Some Backup for Goldman on AIG
New York Times (blog)
 Goldman Sachs, CS buy stakes in Bank of Moscow
Goldman Sachs still under a microscope
Economic Times
Goldman Sachs Creates Derivatives Clearing Unit
Goldman Sachs $788.5M Commercial Mortgage Bond Announced
Wall Street Journal
Two Goldman Lawsuits on Abacus Placed on Hold
ABC News


JR said...

At the three minute mark, Keiser discusses Goldman Sachs movie--about themselves!:

JR said...

An interview on video about GS and commodity trading:

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David said...

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