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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey, Goldman Sachs can Sing a Tune!

I am always amazed at that look of puzzlement on Blankfein's face when he is asked questions by the FCIC. Where does that come from? He is like a small child who doesn't want his fun interrupted in order to do his designated household chores.
Auto-tune The Financial Crisis: 'Bankers' Song' Takes On The Financial Crisis (VIDEO)
Huffington Post | posted by Sara Yin
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Anonymous said...

The consumer is wrecked but GOLDMAN et al will be paying their bonuses!

We love you Tim Geithner...TBTF

Video: Davidowitz Says `Worst to Come' for U.S. Retail Sales: Video

Anonymous said...

maybe it would better if GS was more like Citibank, losing millions for taxpayers, but hey, no one hates it. I wonder if the employees, from IT to their secretaries to thier analysts work hard, or are just handed bonuses cause everyone their is evil. You people need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they(gs) were held to the same body of laws and ate their own losses like the rest of society, this disgust with the firm would go away...I think most people believe(rightly) that their success (goldman) is due to the bigger transfer payments(aig)they received from the government (vs citibank)...throw in hft, screwing their clients(the mtg crap), the steve friedman incident, the rubin/greenspan/summers hijack of brooksley born's nomination which lead into this otc derivative fugazy markup game(we're rich)and a few other things I'm sure I'm missing, you could see where the contempt comes from...I could see where you could confuse work harding with giving it to the country hard...but above all you should stop drinking kool aid.

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