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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goldman Sachs and a Little Cartoon

No matter what happens within the federal government, Goldman Sachs seems to reap financial rewards--what with bailouts and quantitative easing; why would they need the little clients with a measly $1 million?

The video can be found here


Larry Rubinoff said...

GREAT POST JOYCE. Everyone must watch this one and pass it on to others.

It is excellent, funny and real.

Thank you Joyce for posting it.

Joyce said...

I guess you could conclude that the cartoon video has touched a few sore spots. One guy claiming to be an economist commented:

"It’s the kind of simplistic moronic view of things this video shows that is blocking any ability to actually get things done that would help (like investing through fiscal policy). So, like this video, let’s just keep making up s#*t and letting it become the essence of public debate on a very, very important topic."

But I liked the response below:

"Mr. Economist,

Perhaps the Fed would not have had to “save” the world from another great depression had it not created the conditions that allowed a massive credit bubble to take place in the first place. And then ignored its collapse until the very end."

These comments can be found here:

JR said...

The foreclosure fraud described in the comment above is a terrible thing to have to go through. Goldman Sachs seems able to hide behind other companies. GS is so greedy and predatory that it boggles the mind!

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