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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Goldman Sachs Provides Us With Much Levity--So We Can Die Laughing

The plan was to continue in the vein of revealing more "interested" Goldman Sachs men like the NY Federal Reserve guy, William Dudley, who, of course served the requisite years at Goldman Sachs learning how to act on Goldman Sachs's behalf. Will he move, like Geithner, to the Treasury Secretary post in the future? I remember Geithner claiming that he was not a regulator when he was in that position, but part of the job of the NY Fed is to "regulate financial institutions." But I digress.

I have found a few more chuckles on the internet.

Here's one by Jim Hightower at AlterNet who says sarcastically Goldman Sachs Boss Complains About 'Only" Making $9 Million--If only We Had Problems Like That.

Then there is Tom Gregory at The Huffington Post telling us that the Vatican Confirms: Goldman "Doing God's Work."

From Dystopia Diaries Saturn Devours His Son. I would re title it Goldman Sachs Devours Its Investors.


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Anonymous said...

Total joke...9 million not enough...he/they should choke on their S&W steaks!

Sat. Nov. 13 2010 |
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Anonymous said...

Look who's on cnbs of Goldman's per the post...another guy with 2 sides of mouth syndrome....

Would Henry I Have Castrated Goldman Sachs?

Focus on that, 'cause you're going to need to in order to keep yourself from being fleeced by Paul Ryan's buddies at Goldmann Sachs.*

A Call to Action
What can you do? A lot, as it turns out. Call and write your representatives and senators immediately and often telling them that Ryan's "Roadmap to Ruin" is a horrible mistake and a distraction from the real issue--punishing counterfeiters on Wall Street and introducing for-real regulation. Don't take any guff. You know that you know what you’re talking about. If you have to, send them a link to this blogpost to clear it up if you don't think they're quite smart enough to get it without drawing a picture.

*During this last election cycle, Paulie boy was a big favorite of the banksters. His clients included not only Goldman, but CITIC, Bank of America, JP Morgan and a host of other F.I.R.E. (i.e., "Finance, Insurance and Real Estate sector) companies and trade groups. In fact, he got about $246,000 or 25% of his total PAC money from these guys. See details here. Who knows how much else he got INdirectly through Orwellian-ly named PACs or individual contributions?

Anonymous said...

HFT Explained By Cartoons

JR said...

I liked the zerohedge cartoon but the story about HFT in the comments was over my head.

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