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Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't Believe Goldman Sachs...Very Appropriate

Thanks to loyal reader and follower SeanZ for the following story.
The Goldman Propaganda Machine still spitting out "party line political crap".  The following story must make us take a good look at reality and an even harder look at the likes of GS who - in many opinions - was and still remains a major cause of our economic problems and grief.

The "Goldman" must be taken to task for their role in the harm they caused the people of this country and our government must be taken to task for their role in supporting these criminals, encouraging them and then taking more of our money to "pay them off".  But pay them off for what?  for their continued support of what ever government is in power here?  A payoff for perhaps a government cover up of the intentional implementation of the ruin of our middle class? 

Read the entire Huffington Post story below (while the Huff Post is still the Huff Post).  Some of the many comments are interesting as well.

Thanks SeanZ.  Thought I was not listening, huh?

Don't Believe Goldman Sachs, The U.S. Economy Has Endured 3 'Lost Decades' by 

 Peter S. Goodman HuffPost Reporting

Step back from the ledge, America. Scotch the gloomy talk of a Japan-style Lost Decade in which we sink into decline and marinate morosely there for years. We're back, baby! So says a cheery depiction of these times from the wizards at Goldman Sachs (a firm that, come to think of it, played a starring role in trashing our economic security).

The report from Goldman's Investment Strategy Group, and served up here as evidence of happy times by the credulous folks at Politico's Morning Money, dismisses suggestions that the American economy might yet confront substantial problems. "The U.S. Will Not Face a 'Lost Decade,'" declares a subheading in the report, which later calls the odds of that prospect "very remote indeed." Instead, "America's structural resilience, fortitude and ingenuity will carry the economy and financial markets in 2011 -- and beyond."

Lest this hyperventilating prose fail to provoke the intended response, that last clause sits beneath a picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware. (Hats off to the creative geniuses inside Goldman's public relations machine, who apparently aim to redefine doubts about the economy -- and Goldman's lucrative cheerleading -- as downright un-American.)

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Anonymous said...


Some things never change, as the moneyed interests that control the media message have attempted to deflect the blame for our current Depression away from their fraudulent deeds. The novel stands as a chronicle of the Great Depression and as a commentary on the economic and social system that gave rise to it. Steinbeck’s opus to the working poor reverberates across the decades. He wrote the novel in the midst of the last Fourth Turning Crisis. His themes of man’s inhumanity to man, the dignity and rage of the working class, and the selfishness and greed of the moneyed class ring true today.

Anonymous said...

Matt Stoller: The Egyptian Labor Uprising Against Rubinites

Deregulation, globalization, and privatization. This should be a familiar American recipe, commonly associated with former Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs chief Bob Rubin. That Rubinite rhetoric has been adopted by the children of strongmen shows the influence of Davos, the global annual conference of power brokers. Gamal, far more polished than his father, understood that the profit and power for his family lay in cooperating with foreign investors to squeeze labor as hard as possible.

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