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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Of Course, Goldman Sachs Envisions a Rosy Future!

Goldman Sachs was either given or borrowed gargantuan amounts of money in order to avoid insolvency after making risky and bad management decisions leading up to the financial crisis. The whole financial system has been infiltrated by Goldman Sachs guys--Paulson, Rubin, Gensler, Friedman, Dudley, etc.--so why should we be surprised that deregulation occurred on a large scale and that regulation continues to be weak. Of course, without regulation on bonuses, pay and derivative income, the future, that is Goldman Sachs's future, looks extremely rosy. See Peter S. Goodman's article in The Huffington Post entitled, Don't Believe Goldman Sachs, The U.S. Economy Has Endured 3 'Lost Decades.'

Actually, things look very bleak now that we see what the FCIC report does not say: there have been no names given of those who should be prosecuted for their actions that led to the financial crisis.

The video can be seen at FedUpUSA (The Real News) here


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