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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where Will It All End, Goldman Sachs?

When you think about Lloyd Blankfein's latest pay increase at Goldman Sachs from $600,000 basic salary to $2,000,000, you may well ask yourself, What does that mean? Is it all about greed? Yes, but more than that it may be about the decrease in the value of the American dollar because of the flood of bills presently saturating the financial system. In order to get the same value for the dollar, does the CEO need to make 3.3 times more money? That is a scary thought.

Of course, we will really have to worry when Blankfein's salary reaches the heights of hedge fund manager John Paulson's $5 Billion that he made in 2010!

And here to remind you once again what Goldman Sachs did to earn that money:

Simon Johnson With Eliot Spitzer: "The Banks Went Crazy; Nobody Stopped Them; J.P. Morgan Is The New GSE" - CNN

See the video and read the article here


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