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Friday, May 6, 2011

Goldman Sachs In The News - May 5, 2011

Religious Groups Question Goldman on Pay
ABC News
Goldman lobbies hard on Volcker Rule
Why Is Goldman Sachs Holding Its Shareholder Meeting In New Jersey ...
By Bess Levin
The Real Reason Goldman Should Be Freaking Out About The Volcker Rule In One Word
The Business Insider / Companies / Banks - DoJ reviews Goldman Sachs report
Blankfein to Battle Angry Shareholders at Annual Meeting
Fox Business
Goldman Sachs report referred to investigators
Sydney Morning Herald
At Goldman Meeting, Pay Is Likely to Rule the Day
Wall Street Journal
Goldman Sachs May Make 'Near-Term' Management Changes, UBS Says
Blankfein Could Still Leave


Anonymous said...

Memo to Bernanke: It's Called Blowback, Baby (May 6, 2011)

But there is another kind of blowback brewing in the U.S.: the negative consequences of massive covert manipulation of the domestic economy by the Federal Reserve
and agencies of the Federal government. A key feature of propaganda is the "documentation" presented to support a politically advantageous distortion.

In this case, the statistical support for the "recovery" rests on three numbers:

1. the stock market

2. the Federally issued jobs report

3. the GDP

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