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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Angst for Goldman Sachs

In their most recent economic forecast, Goldman Sachs pretends not to know why there is a slowdown in 2011. Unemployment has not recovered from the financial meltdown of 2008, a meltdown which was partly created by Goldman Sachs. Only the financial sector, and in particular Goldman Sachs, has reaped rewards since that time: Goldman Sachs survived because of TARP bailouts, the AIG backdoor bailout, loans from Buffet and multiple borrowing from the Fed to the tune of $800 billion, plus QE1 and QE2 which seemed to help financials more than anything else.

The average working person saw wages stagnate, go down or jobs disappear. Goldman Sachs knows better than to plead ignorance about the causes of the continuing recession and slowdown in the economy. We can only hope that Goldman Sachs will soon know what it is to share the pain they themselves caused!

Charles Hugh Smith (of two has a plan to restore the banking and real estate sectors of the economy that should make Goldman Sachs wince. (Thanks to a reader's post).

You Want to Fix the U.S. Economy? Here's a Start
By Charles Hugh Smith - of two minds

A simple 8-point plan would restore both the banking and the real estate sectors, and end the political dominance of the parasitic "too big to fail" banks.

Craven politicos and clueless Federal Reserve economists are always bleating about how they want to fix the U.S. economy and restore "aggregate demand." OK, here's how to start:

1. Force all banks to mark all their assets to market at the end of each trading day, including all derivatives of all types, including over-the-counter instruments.

2. Allow citizens to discharge all mortgage and student loan debt in bankruptcy court, just like any other debt.

3. Banks must mark all their real estate to market weekly as defined by "last sales of nearby properties" adjusted for square footage and other quantifiable measures (i.e. like

4. Require mortgage servicers and all owners of mortgage-backed securities to mark every asset within each pool to market weekly.

5. Any mortgage, loan or note which was fraudulently originated, packaged and sold, including the misrepresentation of risk, the manipulation of risk ratings, fraudulent documentation by any party, etc., will be discharged as uncollectable and the full value wiped off the books and title records without recourse by any of the parties.

If a bank fraudulently originated a mortgage and the buyer misrepresented material facts on the mortgage documents, then both parties lose all claim to the note and the underlying asset, the house, which reverts to the FDIC for liquidation, with the proceeds going towards creditors' claims against the bank.

6. Any bank which misrepresents marked-to-market asset values will be fined $10 million per incident.

7. Any bank which is insolvent at the end of a trading day will be closed and taken over by the FDIC the following day, and liquidated in an orderly manner via open-market auctions of all assets, including REO (real estate owned).

8. All derivative positions held by the insolvent bank will be unwound immediately, and counterparties who fail to make good on their claims will also be closed, given to the FDIC and liquidated.

You know what this is, of course: a return to trustworthy, transparent accounting. And you know what the consequences would be, too: all five "too big to fail" banks would instantly be declared insolvent, and most of the other top-25 big banks would also be closed and liquidated.

Read the entire article here


Anonymous said...

Angst for the middle class?We're screwed...but they'll be fine!

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t; The Debt Ceiling Question Answered, And You Won’t Like It.

In the end, the result of either raising or not raising the debt ceiling will be one and the same; the bankers will get the gold and the taxpayers will get the shaft.

So just who would be these buyers of last resort, and whom will they end up sticking with the bill in the end? Well that’s not exactly hard to figure out. Our dear friends, the Primary Dealers of the Federal Reserve System are presently sitting on massive “excess reserves” parked in their accounts at the FED. They will use these reserves as collateral to borrow even more created from thin air “magic money” at ¼% from the FED that they will then use to buy these foreign, mutual fund and hedge fund held Treasury bonds at discount prices. They will then turn around and sell these bonds back to the FED for 3% to 4% more than they paid for them. They can then “pay back” the “magic money” loans and deposit these newly created “profits” back into their FED “excess reserve” accounts. They then payout those fat bonuses they have all come to expect and actually think they’ve earned and then shuffle off their pocket change into campaign funds of their favorite corrupt politicians.

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