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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goldman Sachs is Full of Hubris

Do you see the irony in Goldman Sachs predicting economic turmoil for the next few years? Goldman Sachs helped to bring about the financial meltdown of 2008 and now they are predicting a bad future for the economy: high unemployment and slow GDP growth. Goldman Sachs is all for Goldman Sachs and to that end lobby mightily against bank reform and financial regulations (Dodd-Frank) and cynically support whichever candidate from whatever party that can be convinced to bring about laws and rules that favor banks, especially Goldman Sachs.

Surely we don't have such short memories that we forget that Goldman Sachs supports what is best for Goldman Sachs and that may include a gloomy economic forcast which could favor the Republican candidate running against Obama in the next election. Goldman Sachs does not give a plugged nickle for what is best for the public at large.

Goldman Sachs is full of hubris!

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Getting Away With Economic Murder: Will Wall Street Ever Be Punished?
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Anonymous said...

Dylan Ratigan Must See Report w Barry Ritholtz on Settlements, Wall Street and the Firing of FL AG Investigators

Anonymous said...

Think real hard about what he is saying...

I'll tell you a secret. I'd give away every penny I own if I could be 35 again and know what I know now. America adores youth. I understand that in Asia old age is revered because in Asia the people appreciate wisdom. Old people have usually had many experiences and out of experience, hopefully, comes wisdom.

And I compare it with the government we have today. It's too bad that the US is now led by men whose chief desire is to be re-elected. I doubt if the Founding Fathers ever planned it that way. Today we need men who are ready to sacrifice their sacred honor and their wealth to run the nation. This may be the fatal flaw in Democracy. We lack men of great character. We lack men and women who will die for the honor of making this a great and better nation.

During World War II I fought with young men (hailing from all over the nation) who were ready to die for freedom and Democracy and America. Who in Congress could match these young men today?

Anonymous said...

It seems this crisis has targeted the average person's wealth and sanity...

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