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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Goldman Sachs - Public Enemy No. 1

 Thank you Joyce for bringing this blog and article to my attention.  It is a very interesting blog and this article in particular is very well written bringing out some very important information about our common arch enemy - Goldman Sachs.  It is good to see that others also see the threat they pose to our American way of life.  Their international reach also harms those across the globe.  The domestic and international financial crisis - spearheaded by many of the actions of Goldman Sachs - is a direct result of their Vampire Squid tentacles reaching around the world.  The crisis you see abroad is a direct result of their actions.  They are indeed a threat to the lives of all those who live on planet earth. 

Thank you also to OpEdNews for providing Embed code for their articles.

Blog:  OpEdNews
Post Author:  Chaz Valenza


Some of what you will read in this article.
Goldman Sachs Rigged the Oil Market and Spiked Gas Prices to Over $4. 
Goldman Sachs Has Obama in Their Pocket and So Much More.
Goldman Sachs Gorges On Deals That Export American Jobs.  
Goldman Sach's Loads Up on Taxpayer Cash.  
Connections, Secrecy and Power

It's Time to Make Demands:
Goldman Sachs has become the most powerful institution in America wielding overwhelming authority over our political system, our economy and the world's financial markets.  It is immoral and untenable that a private entity should ever hold America in its grasp as does Goldman Sachs.  This tyranny must end.
Organizing to end the tyranny of Goldman Sachs is the key to getting our free, fair markets and our representative government back.   Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, and all his cronies must be crushed.
click here...To View Entire here
OpEd News has created a special page for you to easily send a message to your nearest local newspaper, both of your U.S. Senators and your local Congressman.  By inputting your address it will automatically determine who to send your message to.  A great piece of technological innovation.
It's Time to Break-Up Goldman Sachs - they are controlling the financial markets and destroying America.
This special one click action page is brought to you by and The People's Email Network (P.E.N.). It will submit your personal message on the issue above to your local daily newspaper as a Letter to the Editor as determined by your address, as well as to both of your senators and your house representative if you like all at once. You can even select exactly who you want your message to go to.
To Go To This Page and Let Your Voice Be here

In the matter of Goldman's sale of Litton Loan Servicing to Ocwen, here is the CONSENT ORDER whereby illegal practices are acknowledged but promises of "I'll never do it again" is all it takes to avoid prosecution.  Bear in mind also that the Federal Reserve is a private company and IS NOT a government agency yet the United States allows The Fed to make these decisions.  Oversight by the very same people that are being overseen.  There is something terribly wrong with this.  

In the Matter of
New York, New York

Read the CONSENT here


Joyce said...

According to the consent order, the Reserve Bank of NY is one of the regulators that is asking Goldman Sachs to promise to be good and not act fraudulently while conducting its mortgage business.  William C. Dudley is the president of the Bank of NY.  He worked for Goldman Sachs for more than 20 years.  Did he recuse himself?  It is indeed a "horizontal review" where a GS guy regulates GS.  Yeah, we know how that works!

Goldman Sachs is everywhere determining how things can be done to the advantage of Goldman Sachs.

So this is how the government is going to "look" as though it is bringing justice to the country.  Balderdash, I say!

GS666 said...

Balderdash!!! I agree.
 Our government is - am sorry to say – aiding and abetting the crimes of Goldman
and the other banks.  How many times must we see real evidence of “real”
criminal activity with the “government” pretending to take action, file some
sort of meaningless court action only to avoid any criminal prosecution with a
mere pittance of a fine – less then a slap on the


How unfortunate that
we, as Americans, are ignored by the very people in government that we elect.
 Our blog and so many others are crying out for justice yet I don’t believe we
have a unified voice and are not taken seriously.  There is no show of
discontent by the masses.  Yes, we may write about it in the blogosphere, talk
about it in our living rooms or post our thoughts on Facebook but none of this
means anything at all.  No one, especially our elected officials pay attention.
 Our Justice or Un Justice Department pays no attention, in fact, operates to
protect the guilty and sentence the innocent to lives of misery and poverty.


More Americans are on
food stamps then ever before - most previously enjoying good middle class
lifestyles.  More Americans are below the poverty line then ever before – most
previously enjoying good middle class lifestyles. 


In case no one noticed,
NO JOBS WERE ADDED LAST MONTH.  The Recession looms on.  This IS NOT a double
dip Recession – we are still in the midst of The Great Recession – which history
will record as the second Great Depression.


Yet, those at Goldman,
JP Morgan, Bank of America et al are enjoying more and more riches everyday as a
result of their criminal activities for anyone else would be prosecuted under
RICO as it is an organized ongoing criminal


Thanks for your comment
Joyce, it prompted my rant on a weekend that we celebrate Labor Day but for
millions it is no celebration at all.  In fact, millions cannot even afford the
traditional hot dogs and hamburgers to grill.

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