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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Get Corporate Money Out of Politics - Let's stop selling our government

This is an email I received today from Free Speech For People. As you will see it is promoting an end to corporate money in politics.  The whole idea of allowing these mega corporations - TBTF - to literally buy our politicians and our government to do with as they will is just plain wrong.

If you are so inclined make the calls or at the very least pass this message on to others.

We are beginning to see a revolt against all that is wrong in our country and our so called democracy (I call it a democratic dictatorship).  The Occupy Wall Street movement is gaining ground and spreading.  This is just one more peaceful revolt in a revolution to get our country back to what our forefathers foresaw it to be.

Disclaimer:  GS666 does not endorse Free Speech For People or Citizens United.  We do however offer links to them so that other views and opinions can be shared.  Ultimately, most of us want the same thing.  A return to the good old American Way of Life and an end to Wall Street's manipulations of our markets and systems.  Whether you agree or disagree with someones views and opinions it is one right we have that must be preserved.   Many have something good to say and if we just take all the good things from everyone and apply them we might find that we can progress as a 21st century democratic republic - "one nation, with liberty and justice for all".

The email:
Dear Friend -

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) has introduced a Constitutional Amendment that would overturn Citizens United.  It’s a crucial step forward for our campaign.

Can you please make a quick phone call right now?

Please call the U.S. Capitol switchboard, at 202-225-3121.  Give the operator your zip code and ask to be connected to your Representative (not your Senators -- there’s no bill in the Senate yet).  Once connected, ask your Rep.’s office to:
“Please co-sponsor H. J. Res. 78, Congresswoman Donna Edwards’ Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United.”  
(If you have time, it helps also to tell them why getting corporate money out of politics is important to you personally.)
Rep. Edwards’ Amendment would overturn Citizens United, the disastrous Supreme Court decision from early 2010 that now allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money influencing the outcome of elections.  Only a Constitutional Amendment can overturn a Supreme Court decision; Rep. Edwards’ Amendment will do this.

We worked with Congresswoman Edwards to develop the language of her Amendment, along with Laurence Tribe, the preeminent Constitutional law professor at Harvard Law School.  Edwards’ Amendment specifically re-asserts Congress’ authority to regulate and limit corporate spending on elections.  It’s less sweeping than the People’s Rights Amendment we’re also calling for, which would make it clear that corporations do not enjoy the same Constitutional rights as people.  But it still goes to the heart of the immediate problem: the flood of corporate dollars drowning out real people’s voices in our democracy.  It’s a huge first step toward the broader Amendment we seek, so it’s important that we all support Edwards’ Amendment now.

If you have one more minute after watching the video, please also call Rep. Edwards’ office, at 202-225-8699, and thank her for introducing this important Amendment (H. J. Res. 78).
Getting corporate money out of our elections is essential to taking back our democracy, and putting people back in charge of America.

Thanks for your help.


- John

John Bonifaz, Director
Free Speech For People
Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

P.S.: You may remember that Congresswoman Edwards also introduced an Amendment previously, in February of 2010.  Her previous one expired at the end of 2010, as all bills do at the end of each Congress (every two years).  So this new Amendment puts our cause back on the map in Congress.

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Chameleon said...

Accountability is always for the little guy...BUT no accountability for the politically connected class...what garbage we have in politics.

In his effort to balance the city’s budget, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has now
reached the digging-for-change-under-the-car-seat level: he’s
threatening to fire city employees with unpaid parking tickets, red
light camera tickets and water bills.

“I am creating a culture of accountability in City government and it
simply is not acceptable that City employees have $3 million in
outstanding debt owed to Chicago's taxpayers,” Emanuel said in a
statement.   Source:

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