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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goldman Sachs - A World Dominator

The headline in the New York Times DealBook - whose editor at large is Andrew Ross Sorkin - reads:
Wall St. Giants Seek a Piece of Nigeria’s Sovereign Fund
Wanted: A reliable overseas business partner to invest more than $1 billion presently trapped in Nigeria.
This is not a scam.

Nigeria, an oil rich country and home to those get rich email schemes.  A country full of corruption - on the streets and in the government is developing a legitimate (?) Sovereign Wealth Fund.

But let's see who is involved.  I think I see a Goldmanite here.

Nigeria’s new fund is the brainchild of Mr. Aganga, a Nigerian native who worked at Ernst & Young’s London office before joining Goldman Sachs in 2001. Last year, the Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, asked Mr. Aganga to join his cabinet.

As the minister of finance, Mr. Aganga pushed to start a sovereign wealth fund almost immediately. He had helped oversee part of Goldman’s Africa business, and knew Nigeria was among the last oil-rich nations without an investment portfolio.
 Amazing how Goldman's tentacles reach around the globe into so many governments.  If you look closely at them - which not to many do - they are the likeness of all those government controlling companies seen in so many futuristic sci-fi movies.  As with much in sci-fi, the themes in the movies seem to become reality.

This begs the question, is Goldman Sachs trying to control the world?  Is Goldman Sachs the leader of what George H.W. Bush called The New World Order?  Are they the fulfillment of the plan to create a New World Order by Meyer Rothschild - creator of the central banking system - whose family still controls major banking interests in France and England (and possibly here in the U.S. as in owners of our Federal Reserve).

It is very intersting however to read how Goldman Sachs and others are positioning themselves in this Nigerian market.  On the legitimate side, these types of funds exist worldwide and as the article explains funded much of our boom to bust years. 

However the article does point out'
The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into whether American money managers, in trying to land business with sovereign wealth funds, violated antibribery laws, according to people with knowledge of the matter who were not authorized to speak publicly about the inquiry. “If you don’t get these organizations designed correctly as sophisticated investment operations, you can lose a lot of money,” Mr. Monk said. “It’s the power of finance — for good or bad.”
Ah Ha!  The possibility of illegal actions.  The possibility of bribery and what other illegal activity?  Not too far fetched knowing what we know about Goldman Sachs and seeing who is involved from the Nigerian side of things.  Don't Goldmanites always take care of their own?  Their bonuses certainly indicate that as well as so many of their actions in this country and around the globe.

I don't doubt that the intent of the Soverign Wealth Fund is legitimate nor do I doubt that it can be a very positive economic move for such a third world country rich in oil.  What I do find interesting is how the "Vampire Squid" has it tentacles so entrenched in so many places.  I find it interesting to see that they seem to hire people who eventually find their way into high level positions in government.  Some even leaders of their countries.

Why do we not see JPMorgan/Chase people in so many positions world wide?  Why not Citigroup executives?  Why not so many others from similar companies as Goldman?  Why so many from Goldman?

What I also see here is a possible control of a massive amount of oil that could fall under the control of the Vampire Squid and its band of merry squidsters.
 In other countries, the Wall Street feeding frenzy has drawn criticism. The Libyan Investment Authority, which was started in 2006, has complained that it lost millions of dollars on several investments, while money managers generated huge fees, according to documents leaked this summer to Global Witness, an advocacy group
A Wall Street feeding frenzy!!! In another unstable but oil rich nation then ruled by a terrorist dictator.  But Wall Street was there.  And here we go again - in Nigeria.  Will this be another feeding frenzy ground?  Will oil prices at our gas pumps increase once the Fund and our Wall Street banksters are in place?  So many questions with so few answers until it is perhaps too late.

How is it that oil - a basic need of all humanity - seems to create this "feeding frenzy" among those who benefit most.  Gaining control of oil - which I believe was the cause of action for the Iraq and Afghan wars - was a corporate ideal not one for humanity.

If I were a conspiracy theorist - which I have been accused of many times - I would say that there is some conspiracy hard at work here.  One that is larger then our own government and one that has possibly operated under the sheets for many years.

I just can't put my finger on the pulse of it, but I do know that something has not and does not feel right.  I believe that is what so many tens of thousands around the globe in the Occupy Wall Street movement are feeling as well.

Read the full Dealbook here
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