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Saturday, October 15, 2011

GoldmanSachs666 Comment of the Day on Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street Movement takes hold around the world.  CNN reports that the call to demonstrate has groups in 951 cities around the world organizing to "occupy" some area of their respective cities.

While some groups such in Jakarta, Indonesia, do have their own "anti Imperialist America" agenda, most groups are organizing to protest the worlds economic crisis caused by our good ole American banksters in cooperation with our good ole American government - both Republicans and Democrats.

Some groups like in Australia are "occupying" strictly in a show of solidarity to the group right here in the good ole USA. 

As with so many other things we here have exported abroad, we have indeed also exported the greed and corruption. 

And who is to blame for all of this?  Well, both of our major political parties and the turncoats we stupidly elect to their positions of power.  We have been brainwashed over the years to believe in a two choice system of almost everything.  Good and Evil.  Black and White.  Democrat or Republican.

Here now our readers Comment of the Day:
A Few Thoughts On The Occupy Wall Street Movement

Repubs vs. Dems: A False Dichotomy

Vote Republican?  The Repubs increased debt from around $5.6tr in
2000 to over $10tr by 2008.  They also passed the massive social
entitlement  program Medicare Part D without any mechanism for actually
paying the tab.  The party of small government and fiscal conservatism
you say?  Yea, right. 

Vote Democrat?  The Dems supported the bailout of the banks, the
funding of ruinous foreign wars started by the Repubs, the re-nomination
of Ben Bernanke as the head of the Fed and appointed to the highest
offices of White House influence - the very architects that helped
create the global financial disaster we currently face.  Summers,
Geithner, Rubin and many others have had President Obama’s ear since day 1. 
You think those guys are advocating a solution which would see the

banks actually take write-downs and losses as any other business would
have to?  Not likely.
Both major parties spend enormous time and money maintaining their
own power bases of large, wealthy campaign contributors to try and
outspend their competition in the next election.  When they win, they
serve their campaign contribution masters well with the hopes that this
process will be rinse, wash and repeat the next time around.  Both
parties support no term limits.  Both parties support liberal campaign
finance laws.  Both parties kowtow to Wall Street.

So what’s a disenfranchised, frustrated, out-of-work lower or middle class citizen to do?

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Bald faced liars said...

HOWARD DAVIDOWITZ: The Protests Are The Result Of 'Bought And Paid-For Politics, Criminals, And Morons'
Read more:

Change starts with you said...

Jeffrey Sachs tallies up the price of civilization

In his new book, Sachs turns his agile mind on the U.S. and finds a big fat mess
-- literally. In Sachs' telling, Americans have grown obese, ignorant, and
apathetic. Our schools are collapsing, our infrastructure is crumbling, our
great companies are selfish and predatory. Our politicians have been thoroughly
corrupted by power and money and live mainly to serve the interests of their
wealthy patrons. Plus, we watch way too much TV. "America has developed the
world's most competitive market society but has squandered its civic virtue
along the way," he writes. "Without restoring an ethos of social responsibility,
there can be no meaningful and sustained economic recovery."

Elsewhere in his fast-paced jeremiad, Sachs deplores the cozy revolving-door
Washington culture where politicians so often become lobbyists after they leave
office, usually representing the wealthy corporate interests that funded their
campaigns. And it's partly our fault that the foxes are running the henhouse,
because Americans have grown dangerously disengaged from civic life. He cites
the sociologist Robert Putnam's influential 2000 book Bowling Alone to
evoke a society of alienated suburbanites who watch TV by themselves while
getting fleeced by modern malefactors of great wealth.

Guest said...

You never hear anyone complain that Steve Jobs became a multibillionaire.
That tells us something important about what motivates the protests growing on
Wall Street and in many other places on both sides of the Atlantic.
The anger of demonstrators is not the result of envy or of politically
motivated hostility against the rich. Instead, it is the understandable
expression of frustration with a system that has richly rewarded people who,
quite simply, do not deserve it.
Whatever you think of the protests and the protesters, they have good reason
to feel cheated.
The American system rewards risk-taking, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Americans, unlike Europeans, don’t object to a system in which people can get
rich — even extremely rich — if they make great contributions to society. In the
United States, people tend to not hate the rich because they believe one day
they might join their ranks. If you invent the iPhone, the iPad, become a
billionaire. No problem.
But the other side of that covenant says you pay a price for your
mistakes.Read more:

ANON said...

Alleged "Conservatives" Better Wake Up
But there was one overwhelming theme: The people have been robbed, the Wall Street and DC people did it, and the people have had enough of the lies, broken promises and outright theft.
So there you have it folks.  The truth in pictures, from the ground.

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